How do you choose the right cherry jam recipe to accompany your cheese platter or other fruit recipes for cheese?

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December 2020

During the holidays, we like to offer a beautiful cheese platter to our friends or family. Cheese makers or sellers, creameries or delicatessens: we take advantage of your expertise to taste unusual or exceptional cheeses and benefit from your sound advice. This is an opportunity for you to introduce quality cheeses, carefully matured and why not with mini jams or fruit preparation recipes made expressly to enhance the cheeses?

Intrigued and interested in these sweet recipes to offer with cheese platters? Discover the best recipes and the ideal combinations!

Mini cherry jam and Espelette pepper by Andrésy Confitures

Do you know where the tradition comes from accompanying your cheese board with cherry jam or other fruit?

The most famous cheese-jam association in France is certainly that of black cherry jam with Basque cheese.

It must be explained that the Basque region has long been an ideal land for the arboriculture of cherry trees which produced a small, fleshy black cherry very concentrated in flavors. Combining the two local productions of fruit and cheese was therefore very natural!

Today the cultivation of these fruit shrubs has been lost. There are private orchards or isolated trees in private homes. The real black cherry from the Basque country is rare and unfortunately does not allow artisans to cook black cherry jam in sufficient quantity for all stores in the country.

Which fruit and cheese combinations on your cheese platter ?

Fortunately, it is not only in the Basque country that we have associated fruit and cheese. With fresh fruit in season, or with jams all year round, you can delight your taste buds and enjoy your favorite cheeses in a different way!

Each region has discovered very tasty associations over time:

  • blueberry jam and mountain cheeses such as Beaufort, Comté or Abondance
  • fig jam and fresh or dry goat cheese
  • Strawberry jam and Roquefort (very surprising!)
  • Jam of mirabelle plums and other plums with Alsace cheeses
  • Rhubarb jam with cheeses from the North, because the natural acidity of rhubarb goes well with strong cheeses from this region
  • Quince jelly or apple jam with soft Normandy cheeses such as Camembert, Livarot or Pont l’Evêque
  • etc
Andrésy Confitures recipes of preparation of fruits for cheeses

Cheese sellers, do you know why the recipes chosen by Andrésy Confitures, cherry jam and other fruits Pour Fromages, are perfect for your stores?

Of course you can offer traditional jams with your cheeses. Moreover, Andrésy’s Les Confitures à l’Ancienne range allows you to be traditional or very creative thanks to its many recipes in individual mini jars and its 5 jar tasting boxes!

To get the most out of your cheese platters, Andrésy Confitures has used its experience in the service of great chefs to develop special recipes.

Grouped under the name “fruit preparations for cheese”, our recipes are made to enhance the tastes of cheeses without overwhelming them:

  • less candied and concentrated in sugars with only 48% of sugars (cane and naturally derived from fruits): because the hinge-dose sugar is a flavor enhancer but in a sweet and salty combination it can take precedence over other flavors if it is too present
  • More fruit with 55 to 65% of fruit used in the bowl: to bring out the natural fruit and cheese associations, as with fresh fruit
  • Combinations with aromatics or dried fruits: for special cheese recipes
  • In formats suitable for tasting thanks to 125g jars or 28g mini jars: to avoid food waste and above all allow you to offer several jars of various recipes to respect the right associations for each cheese
Andrésy Confitures recipes of figs with nuts for goat cheeses

Our recipes for cherry jam and other fruits to accompany your cheese platters

For several years, we have created various recipes « For Cheeses » rich in fruit, for classic or creative cheese board associations:

  • figs with walnuts
  • Black Cherry Espelette Pepper
  • Black cherry with thyme
  • Mirabelle
  • Apple Calvados
  • Strawberry with pepper
  • Chili jelly
  • Ginger confit
  • etc

For the more creative or if you have other ideas for your private label of jam,

do not hesitate to contact our sales department, who will be able to guide you in making these tailor-made recipes!

To order our recipes available immediately in stock for the holidays,

it’s not too late!

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