Andrésy Confitures and Collège Culinaire de France: partners for a third year running

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October 2019

If taste is a very personal thing, how can one demonstrate the taste quality of a jam? Recognition of Michelin-starred chefs is undeniable proof of this. Renowned for their high standards, know-how and talent, the French chefs from Collège Culinaire de France have gave Andrésy jams the seal of approval for another year. What better sign of trust could there be?

Collège Culinaire de France is an association founded in 2011 by 15 of France’s most distinguished and world-renowned Michelin-starred chefs. Our top chefs wanted to create more transparency and recognition for restaurateurs and producers who are dedicated to quality.

The third Annual Meeting of Collège Culinaire de France took place in Paris on 23 September, attended by member chefs and restaurant owners as well as Quality Producers and Artisans.

Bruno Cassan, the current, third generation Managing Director of Andrésy Confitures tells us more:

“The annual plenary session provides an opportunity to share the values embodied by the chefs and the entire team from Collège Culinaire de France. We find ourselves surrounded by people who are deeply passionate about French gastronomy, taste and the work of producers. We can sense all the energy invested in upholding quality produce, respect for the authentic know-how of producers and the importance of the relationship between the artisans who are promoting their suppliers and the restaurant owners.

For more than 40 years, Andrésy Confitures has been manufacturing traditional jams for high-end hotels in France. Over the years, more than 60 recipes have been created at the request of hotels, in individual pots for room service and table service, or in traditional sizes for buffets. With extra, home-made jams, organic recipes, low in sugar or richer in fruit, with honey instead of sugar, incorporating super-fruits and more, Andrésy Confitures has designed or made multiple recipes in line with the needs of hotel guests and also chefs for the tables of 4-star, 5-star and luxury hotels throughout France.

This expertise developed in the hotel industry has enabled Andrésy Confitures to become a Quality Artisan Producer within Collège Culinaire de France.

This recognition of the taste quality of top-of-the-range jams has been acquired thanks to its long-standing guests, prestigious hotels and renowned chefs.

This seal of approval is a source of great pride for Andrésy Confitures and completes the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant mark of recognition.

The family-owned SME exports its traditional jams to more than 46 countries. It serves 5-star establishments and has to persuade executive chefs to offer its traditional jams.

French labels are recognised and respected in export markets. It is important to note that the executive heads of luxury hotels have for the most part been trained at European and French hotel schools. They know the great French Michelin-starred chefs and value and respect their work.

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) mark of recognition is highly regarded and well-known: it certifies traditional and artisanal manufacturing, while respecting age-old practices.

The Artisan et Producteur de Qualité label provides reinsurance regarding the flavour of artisanal jams and the quality of the ingredients used.

That’s why the Prestige Andrésy Origines brand is so appealing: traditional jams, created from ripe and carefully selected fruit, cooked in old-fashioned copper cauldrons with cane sugar… A real guarantee of satisfaction for the most discerning of hotel guests…

If you too would like to offer your guests an exquisite French jam for breakfast, contact the expert manufacturer of Made In France artisanal jam and upgrade your range to boost customer satisfaction!

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