Andrésy Confitures presents its new Hospitality and Gourmet Grocery collections at the SIRHA trade show in Lyon

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Février  2017
Every two years, at the end of January, the SIRHA world hospitality, catering and food event is held in Lyon.
Initiated 30 years ago in the home region of the highly renowned, Michelin-starred chef Paul Bocuse, the SIRHA show has become an international flagship event for French culinary art. Artisans and producers from France join chefs and pastry chefs from every continent for the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition.
Stand Andrésy Confitures - Sirha
Stand Andrésy Confitures – Sirha
© Andrésy Confitures

« Sharing one’s most delicious creations »

For over 20 years, Andrésy Confitures has been attending the SIRHA show and presenting its original or traditional recipes, the product of its skill and expertise in cooking and producing jams, fruit preserves, compotes and other delicacies.

“Consolidate long-standing partnerships and forge new ones!””
From 21 to 25 January 2017, Andrésy Confitures once again unveiled its creations in the regional section, Hall 1. The 2017 collections held some pleasant and delicious surprises for the gourmets and passers-by who visited the stand.

For Andrésy Confitures, these four days were an unmissable opportunity to meet its customers – hotels, gourmet groceries and major brands – come to discover novel flavours or rediscover traditional ones. A lot of jars of jam were opened, tasted and enjoyed!

The outcome of patient testing and endeavour, Andrésy Confitures’ new recipes provided a chance to consolidate long-standing partnerships and forge new business relationships and friendships, always welcome!

"Offre personnalisation" - Sirha
Copper pan - Sirha
Paul Bocuse
Paul Bocuse
© DR
One of Andrésy Confitures’ copper pans was the star attraction on the stand, just as at previous SIRHA events!

Borrowed from the company’s workshops, it bears witness to the traditional cooking methods used at Andrésy Confitures since 1952. This traditional copper pan has been modified so that it can gently steam-cook premium-grade fruit and preserve its natural goodness.

So, once and for all, and at the risk of disappointing all of its admirers: it is not for sale!

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