Do you know the purchasing commitments of your high-end jam producer and the benefits you can find there?

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August 2020

What does committing to ethical purchasing mean for your artisanal French jams maker ? Discover the commitments of Andrésy Confitures through its ethical purchasing charter!

Do you know how your artisanal jam maker brings its values ​​to life with its partners through its ethical purchasing charter?

We offer you extracts from the Andrésy Confitures purchasing charter to show you what your French jam producer is committed to and what it means for you to choose a partner with values!

Why did your artisanal jam producer commit to an ethical purchasing charter?

Andrésy Confitures is a French family SME which has been working since 1952 respecting the traditional French know-how of artisanal jam :

  • copper cauldron of small quantities,
  • steam cooking and open air cooking,
  • cane sugar candied,
  • skimming jams
  • and much more : selection of the best qualities of ingredients!

To select partners who meet its requirements and those of its customers, Andrésy Confitures asked itself the question of ethical criteria in addition to qualitative criteria.

In 2019, your artisanal jam maker signed the United Nations Global Compact. Then its management, quality and purchasing teams formalized an ethical purchasing charter. Here are a few excerpts.

Fruits divers pour les confitures

Commit to respecting human, environmental and commercial values: the 1st act of the purchasing charter of your artisanal jam maker


“Andrésy Confitures reaffirmed its commitment to promote responsible trade throughout its supply chain through the signing of the United Nations Global Compact in 2019.

2.1.1 Whether in the context of its commercial practices or any other activity, Andrésy Confitures is committed to:

• comply with international and national laws, principles, standards and regulations,

• avoid conflicts of interest,

• refuse any form of corruption.

2.1.2 Andrésy Confitures undertakes to develop loyal relationships with Suppliers and to ensure fair treatment regardless of their economic importance. It seeks, while respecting the rules of free competition and the freedom to conduct business, to make the commercial relationship with the Supplier long-term, taking into account its ability to offer products and services that meet its needs.

2.1.3 Andrésy Confitures strives to maintain a constructive and open dialogue with the Supplier concerning the latter’s ability to comply with the Charter, and may, if necessary, support it as far as possible in order to help it. to meet these expectations.

2.1.4 Andrésy Confitures undertakes, through its purchasing practices, to facilitate the application by its commercial partners of the Charter.

2.1.5 Andrésy Confitures is committed to respecting and protecting the environment and strives, year after year, to reduce the ecological impact of its activities, through actions aimed in particular at offering its customers a of products from organic farming, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and improve its energy and waste management. In order to implement these actions, Andrésy Confitures educates its customers, mobilizes its employees, and supports its Suppliers on these issues. “

Require your suppliers to respect and follow the commitments made: 2nd act of the ethical purchasing charter of your high-end jam producer

Andrésy Confitures’ CRITERIA OF REQUIREMENTS – extracts

Fight against corruption :

“3.1.2 Andrésy Confitures employees are not authorized to receive gifts or gratuities from Suppliers in any form whatsoever (in particular, sums of money, gifts, invitations, entertainment, travel, etc.). Failure to comply with this provision and the following by a Supplier may result in its exclusion from a call for tenders or the termination of its contract.

3.1.3 Andrésy Confitures prohibits corruption in all its forms, whatever the time, place or circumstance. It expects its Suppliers that they make an identical commitment both for themselves and for their own suppliers and subcontractors. “

Transparency of practices:

“3.1.5 The Supplier is committed to the utmost transparency vis-à-vis Andrésy Confitures. Any attempt at concealment, false declaration, falsification of documents or facts may lead Andrésy Confitures to pronounce its exclusion from a call for tenders or the termination of its contract. In particular with regard to:

– Information relating to the supply chain declared to Andrésy Confitures;

– Internal documents and procedures that fall within the scope of the compliance audits carried out by Andrésy Confitures when the supplier is concerned;

– The documents and procedures required within the framework of Andrésy Confitures’ Quality policy, as defined and accepted by the Supplier as part of its listing or the Quality specifications accepted during commercial negotiations. “

“3.1.8 The Supplier shall refrain from participating in agreements or engaging in any unfair practice having the consequence of hindering the free play of competition, in particular those aimed at excluding a competitor from the market or restricting access to the markets of new competitors by illicit means. “

Respect for human rights, health and safety – required themes:














(…) “

Commitments to protect the ENVIRONMENT – extracts:

“The Supplier implements, with the techniques available and resulting from good practices in the sector, specific procedures and improvement plans necessary to identify, avoid and / or reduce the negative impacts of its activity on the environment and contribute to the fight against climate change, considering the criteria below:

3.3.1 Water use should be optimized and all wastewater from production processes should be treated in accordance with local legislation before being discharged.

3.3.2 All waste, and in particular hazardous waste, must be handled responsibly (identification, storage, disposal, treatment) and in accordance with local laws.

3.3.3 The Supplier must ensure that any substance presenting a risk for the environment is identified, labeled and stored in order to prevent any risk of pollution.

3.3.4 Any non-renewable natural resource should be managed as efficiently as possible.

The Supplier undertakes not to use raw materials derived from protected animal or plant species or derived from illegal practices « 

Give yourself the means to verify that the commitments are respected by the partners selected by your French jam maker : 3rd act of the ethical purchasing charter

“4-1 In order to ensure the strict adherence of its Suppliers to the principles and requirements of this Charter, Andrésy Confitures may conduct compliance audits.

4-2 To this end, the Supplier undertakes to cooperate and facilitate audit operations, guarantee access to its production sites, documents and records, to its staff as well as to its subcontractors and suppliers. .

4-3 The Supplier undertakes to put in place and have put in place corrective measures if necessary, within a period determined with each of the parties.

4-4 Andrésy Confitures may decide to put an immediate end to any commercial relationship or to a contract if the Supplier contravenes the principles set out in the Charter and / or refuses to take the necessary measures to resolve the non-conformities brought to its attention. “

Choosing an artisanal jam maker who is committed to human, environmental and commercial values ​​that respect laws and ethics is a guarantee of seriousness and safety for you and your brand of jam. These are also positive values to claim to ​​your customers !

So don’t hesitate : entrust your production of artisanal jams to Andrésy Confitures!

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