How does your artisanal organic jam producer bring his CSR approach to life with an ethical purchasing charter?

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July 2020

Propose an ethical purchasing charter to disseminate its CSR policy ? Find out what your artisanal organic jam producer asks of its partners.

For years Andrésy Confitures has been committed to biodiversity and French agriculture. Its CSR policy is formalized and documented, it is based on daily internal actions and team training.

Sourcing certified organic fruit is one of the actions linked to the values ​​and commitment of the jam maker. Choosing to work with certified organic fruit suppliers is a first step and for all that is not enough because organic certification is linked to a production method but does not validate the working conditions of stakeholders or the respect of social commitments, environmental and ethical.

It is also necessary to validate that we are working with partners who respect this CSR policy.

How does your French jam maker bring its values ​​to life with its partners thanks to its ethical purchasing charter ?

Why is it necessary for an artisanal organic jam producer to support a CSR approach ?

In 2019, the management of the family firm decided to sign the United Nations Global Compact and reaffirm its commitment to promote responsible trade throughout its supply chain.

To bring these strong commitments to life, it was necessary to ensure that:

– all the suppliers working with the artisanal organic jam producer were aware of it

– all agreed to respect them in turn

The quality department of Andrésy Confitures has therefore drawn up an ethical purchasing charter distributed to all its suppliers.

Three essential themes structure and commit the signatories :

– respect for people

  • respect the environment
  • healthy business relationships
Fruits divers pour les confitures

What is the value of an ethical purchasing charter within the CSR policy of your artisanal organic jam producer ?

Signing the Global Compact and circulating an ethical purchasing charter is a guarantee of good practice for the producer of artisanal organic jam as well as for its customers.

Having your organic jam made at Andrésy Confitures means you can be sure that the jam maker and its partners:

• comply with international and national laws, principles, standards and regulations,

• avoid conflicts of interest, refuse any form of corruption and seek loyal, long-term business relationships

Are committed to reducing the ecological impact of their activities : offering products from organic farming, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy and waste management

The ethics charter also covers commitments in terms of work practice. Andrésy Confitures and its suppliers are committed to :

– the prohibition of child labor or forced labor

– The fight against discrimination

– Freedom of association and the creation of official employee representations

– Working hours and remuneration in accordance with the laws in force

– Measures to ensure no harm to the health and safety of employees

Does choosing an artisanal organic jam producer committed to an ethical purchasing charter make it possible to act for the environment?

Andrésy Confitures’s ethical purchasing charter insists on actions to respect and protect the environment :

– optimization of water use

– Responsible waste management

  • Special attention to the use of non-renewable energies

Why evaluate your CSR approach when making organic jams ?

Your brand or your organic jams carry values and represent you to consumers. Choosing a jam maker who enforces its CSR approach is a guarantee that your values will not be compromised.

So in addition to committing to these practices internally and sending the purchasing charter to all its suppliers, Andrésy Confitures evaluates itself every year with ECOVADIS, the self-assessment platform for CSR procedures.

Since evaluating oneself is above all being able to know how effective the company is in its commitments, Andrésy Confitures is proud that the result of the actions carried out won it a gold medal in 2019!

Is choosing an artisanal organic jam producer who shares your commitments to the environment and respect for people is important to you ? Entrust us with your organic jam project !

Is choosing an artisanal organic jam producer who shares your commitments to the environment and respect for people is important to you ? Entrust us with your organic jam project !

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