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December 2018

Autumn makes us crave comforting indulgence, breakfast, and delicious desserts. For sixty years, Andrésy has been devoting itself to making artisan jams and mouth-watering recipes. It offers jams, jellies, marmalades, compotes and preserves – but do you know the difference between these products?

What’s in a name?

There are many ways of using and processing fruit. Each type of product has a precise legal definition which specifies its fruit and sugar content. Let’s take a look at a few well-known indulgences:

  • Jam is a blend of fruit pulp and/or fruit purée from one or more fruit varieties, plus sugars. In general terms, it has to have a minimum of 35g of fruit per 100g of finished product for entry-level jams. High quality “Extra” jams contain more than 50% fruit. In order to advertise a product as “jam” on the label, it must contain 55% sugar measured after cooking (sugar present in the fruit + sugar added during cooking).
    Reduced-sugar jams contain 30% less sugar than the (best-selling) market reference brand. In France, they contain 42-45% sugar measured after cooking.
  • Jelly does not contain any fruit pulp. It is made by cooking juice and/or the liquid extract of fruits and sugars, and must contain at least 35g of fruit per 100g.
  • Marmalade. Although some people use this word to refer to other fruits, the law states that this term can only be applied to citrus-based products. Marmalade contains water and sugar and one or more citrus elements: pulp, purée, juice, or skin. Fruit content must be at least 20g per 100g.
  • Compote is made with 85% pureed fruit (single or mixed fruit options are acceptable) and must contain 24% sugar after cooking. There are also compotes without added sugar which only contain natural fruit sugars, or are reduced-sugar products.
  • Preserves are fruits or vegetables preserved in oil, vinegar, wine or honey, and can be made using cooked or raw ingredients. There is no specific legislation relating to their composition.

Imagination, a love of fruit, and expertise

These products hold no secrets for Andrésy Confitures. Working within this legal framework, the jam manufacturer has a free hand to develop and manufacture artisan jams. They are made from the very best fruit, cultivated by environmentally friendly growers, and picked at peak ripeness. Their texture and taste are enhanced with additional ingredients and by traditional cooking in small batches.

An understanding of jam and a passion for the jam-making business, close attention to gastronomic trends, and a spirit of adventure and innovation means that the range offered by the Andrésy Confitures family business is developing continuously.

Andrésy collections and bespoke recipes

Andrésy offers a range of several hundred recipes in its Prestige, Gastronomie, Tendances, and Made in France collections. In the last two years, the Les Petites Parisiennes brand has expanded to include healthy and organic specialities. Ever the innovator, the jam manufacturer has the know-how to adapt its recipes and create bespoke products to fulfil the dreams of clients and the visions of top chefs.

As an expert in the manufacture of artisan jams, Andrésy also offers sophisticated jellies (including fruits, tea, and vodka), compotes with mouth-wateringly soft pieces of fruit

(peach-mango, peach-raspberry, pear-orange), and honeys.

Autumn is marmalade season. Bitter oranges with perfectly cooked zest are available in delicatessens. Andrésy is currently preparing its collection of Christmas marmalades, with spiced citrus flavours and dried fruit.

Our repertoire also extends to original sweet-and-sour confits (olive-yuzu, apple and apple liqueur, black cherry-liquorice), and condiments (chutney, mustard, mayonnaise).

These recipes all come in different sizes. Individual 28g jars are ideal for hotel breakfasts and room service and larger jars are suitable for retail (store brands, luxury delicatessens, garden centres, etc.).

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