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Mai 2020

It has become a recurring remark over the past year: the economic crisis has disrupted our private and professional lives, accelerated changes and imposed new trends. With the confinements, the closing of restaurants, the almost continuous telecommuting, etc… our habits of life and consumption have undergone radical changes!

After a period of daze, we had to adapt and find alternatives.

On the consumer side, new ways of eating, shopping and sharing convivial moments have appeared.

On the side of the producers, craftsmen and transformers, a beautiful inventiveness was born to trade, to get supplies, to make known its products and its work.

What are these new moments of consumption at the center of the consumer-producer relationship? Are they sustainable or ephemeral? Will it be necessary to adapt to emerging modes of consumption even after the crisis?

Do you know the classic consumption moments?

Before looking at the new consumption moments, would you know what the usual consumption moments of our days were?

A 2016 study by Gira Conseil (source Restoconnexion), a specialist in marketing and development of the restaurant industry, identified 6 usual consumption moments of the French day. Here are these consumption moments that correspond to food intake:

  • Breakfast (7:30-9:30)
  • Morning snack (9:30-11:30)
  • Lunch (11:30 am – 2:30 pm)
  • The gourmet break (2:30-4:30 pm)
  • The “empty fridge” (5pm – 7pm)
  • Dinner (7pm – 10pm)

Did you know that on average in the United States there are 12.8 food intakes per day?

Why are new consumption moments emerging in the long term?

Studies confirm what we feel and observe in our daily lives: our consumption habits have evolved rapidly and radically over the past year.

Let’s quote some extracts from the study relayed by the French professional journal LSA:

How have in-store shopping habits changed?

“The majority of consumers (36%) now do their food shopping twice a week. A quarter (25%) only visit these stores once a week. A quarter (25%) also visit a single store for their groceries. The two times consumers prefer to shop are weekday mornings (for 36%) and Saturdays (for 30%). “

 What new place for online shopping and home delivery?

Curfews, confinements, and new work patterns require consumers to adapt. They are intensifying their interactions with online shopping services, e-drive, and with home delivery of groceries or meals.

“31% of those surveyed say they are using these services more often, including 8% of new users. This trend is even more pronounced for families with children under 12: 40% of them shop online more often. “

What are the levers of information and inspiration for consumers?

“Consumers’ main sources of inspiration before shopping are websites like Marmiton (for 65%), social networks (for 33%), branded content (for 30%) and cookbooks (for 26%). TV programs, such as Tous en Cuisine, come in fourth (cited by 15% of consumers). “

What are the new consumption moments for premium food products?

Given these very explicit measures of consumer behavior, we can ask ourselves: what are the new growth niches in which retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and online stores can meet their customers?

New consumption moments at home:

With the current context that has refocused everyone’s life on the direct geographical perimeter of the home, we can see that the majority of new consumption moments are linked to cooking at home.

We notice:

    • The return of the daily breakfast “à la française” – previously neglected or taken “on the go” on the way to or from work, it is regaining its importance at home
    • The weekend family brunch – half breakfast and half meal, more and more often combining these 2 meals on Sundays
    • Lunchtime cooking – another return to the home, with the search for new recipes, new ingredients, the discovery of new products (40% of respondents) and brands new to them (18%)
    • Aperitifs – now a convivial family gathering or at a distance thanks to videoconferencing

It is interesting to note that almost all of the people surveyed (98%) intend to continue to buy these products and brands discovered in the last year.

The new outdoor consumption moments:

It is more complicated to invite friends and family to your home. On the other hand, the usual outdoor meeting places are closed. Also, habits have evolved towards convivial moments outside and more varied and healthy snacks:

    • picnics,
    • barbecues,
    • walks with gourmet breaks,
    • 69% of French people intend to give priority to these new moments of consumption when the weather returns

Did you know that 28% of French people say they buy food on these occasions? They say they eat salty snacks, fresh snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and fruit and vegetables.

So we feel like adding: why not artisanal jams, compotes and spreads?

How do you adapt your offer of artisanal jams, compotes and spreads to the new consumption moments?

From the studies provided, we can see that your consumers’ needs are evolving and in a sustainable way.

You wait that your jam maker Andrésy Confitures helps you to satisfy these new expectations? We anticipated your requests!

How do our brands help you for the moments of consumption at home or outside?

    • Our home format 255g to 270g: it is a “grocery” format, commonly used for our brands. You will find there all our recipes of traditional jams and even lightened

Discover the brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne

    • the big kilo format : did you know that this very old big format of glass jar is available in our range Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ? You will find there some recipes of jams, among the most traditional and the most sought-after by the consumers, as well as our recipes of compotes to the former

Download the catalog Les Confitures à l’Ancienne

    • Recipes for dessert snacks: our old-fashioned compotes in individual jars are ideal for a small hunger during a gourmet break, a picnic, a sweet snack during a walk or as a dessert
    • You didn’t know that we cook compotes? Read our blog post and discover our secrets of fruit selection, all our delicious recipes!
    • Formats adapted for outdoor consumption, safe and hygienic: our artisanal jams, honeys, and condiments are available in individual formats and even in boxes
    • Want to offer your customers chocolate spreads? We have them too!

You want to order right away? It’s possible in a few clicks! Click here to create your account and order.

Fermeture du pot de confiture

How to take advantage of the opportunities born from these new moments of consumption in your custom-made range?

Here are the advices of Andrésy Confitures, expert of the private label for the big food brands since 1952, to adapt your offer and your brand to these new needs of your consumers: 

  • Study the expectations of your consumers for these new moments of consumption: what do they wish to find? How do they consume during these special moments?
  • Adapt the recipes of your offer so that they meet the specific motivations of these new consumption moments
  • Propose packaging or formats that correspond to these consumption habits (family size for the home, and small individual sizes for on-the-go consumption, for example)

Need to adapt your offer? Contact an expert of the private label Andrésy Confitures

The French professional magazine Restoconnexion highlights the importance of sweet products. For this magazine, it is necessary:

“Take into account the considerable weight of sweet in the consumption of the French. This means, of course, your offer of desserts (including gourmet coffee), but also the possibility of easily finding something to satisfy the sweet cravings of morning snacks and afternoon gourmet breaks. “

Have you thought about spreads? The star of gourmet moments, for young and old alike!

So would you like to include a gourmet spread in your offer? Ask us: we have recipes for you to try or we can create your own!

You want to exchange on these opportunities brought by the new moments of consumption? Or just stay informed about our new recipes?

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