There is a range of artisanal jams cooked in a copper basin for each type of business!

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December 2020

The year 2020 made us aware of the privileged link that we have in our cities with our merchants. Whether we go to convenience stores, medium and large stores, or our favorite e-merchants, we have measured the strength of the relationship we have with those who provide us with our essential goods as well as our little pleasures!

At Andrésy Confitures we are lucky to be able to help you, traders, to source the best product for your customers. We are proud that our artisanal jams are at the same time in beautiful hotels, quality shops and certain premium French e-merchants.

Do you also want to source quality artisanal jams for your hotel, restaurant or business establishment? Discover our guide to jam in copper basins to choose exactly the jam that your customers need!

Mini cherry jam and Espelette pepper by Andrésy Confitures

How does one of the oldest French jam makers adapt its ranges of artisanal jams to each type of business?

Andrésy Confitures has been making fruit jam with cane sugar in its copper basins since 1952. Our family SME is recognized as a Living Heritage Company by the State for its respect for the French gastronomic tradition. She is also selected as a Quality Producer and Craftsman by the Culinary College of France, which brings together the best chefs and restaurateurs.

Here are some good reasons to choose our artisanal jams!

Obviously, since 1952 we have learned that you do not need the same recipes, formats or original creations depending on whether you are a starred hotel, a local store or an e-commerce artisan, especially if you are based in International or in France!

We therefore have ranges of artisanal jams adapted to each type of business.

We have created and improved them through discussions with you, comments from your customers, evolutions in culinary trends and nutrition and well-being concerns of our society.

Brand Les Confitures à l'Ancienne by the artisanal jam maker Andrésy Confitures

Why are artisanal jams LES CONFITURES A L’ANCIENNE perfect for local shops?

Our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne is one of our oldest.

It brings together the traditional recipes for French jams that we have been cooking since 1952. Here is why it is specially adapted to local shops:

  • it responds to a need for authenticity: through its traditional recipes for artisanal jams cooked in copper basins, of course, and also through its labels and kraft cap, which evokes tradition.
  • It offers different formats for different occasions: the so-called “grocery” format of the traditional jar of jam for family breakfast, mini jars for individual consumption or a desire for variety, gift boxes to please or test recipes.
  • It brings together recipes for all tastes: more than 20 fruits in artisanal jams, compotes cooked like at home from large pieces of peeled fruit, liquid honey to sweeten hot drinks or firmer to spread, and even condiments like our selection of mustards in French recipes

Click here to download the Les Confitures à l’Ancienne catalog

Do you know why kraft evokes tradition in the eyes of the French?

It is with this raw paper or cardboard material that we pack parcels, foodstuffs and gifts before generalizing colored boxes and gift wrap.

Andrésy Confitures recipes of preparation of fruits for cheeses

What are the reasons for a prestigious establishment to choose the ANDRESY ORIGINES range?

Andrésy Confitures is the French configurator specializing in jams in copper basins for upscale hotels.

Our experience in this market allowed us to create a few years ago a prestigious range that perfectly suits the requirements of customers of premium establishments in France and internationally: Andrésy Origines.

Andrésy origines is THE brand of elegant and refined artisanal jams made for you if your customers are looking for:

  • With the exception of ingredients: we select the origins and varieties of fruit that stand out for their taste qualities. In this range you will find the result of more than 70 years of work with fruits from France, Europe and the world: only the best fruits for jam! Strawberry Senga, apricot from Roussillon, Raspberry Meeker, Mirabelle de Lorraine, Purple figs, etc.
  • recipes rich in fruit and balanced in sugars: more fruit for the gluttony and quality, and of course the sugar essential for the confection of fruits in artisanal jams. In Andrésy Origins recipes, we have reduced the added sugar to a legal minimum and we only use cane sugar. Respect for fruit and respect for consumer tastes!
  • The choice: do your customers each have their favorite jam? Our Andrésy Origines brand offers a variety of flavors of extra jams, condiments, honey, and even maple syrup and an oil-free spread.
  • elegance: our individual ribbed pot is unique and created especially for us. Our labels were designed by an artist. Each fruit is represented on our labels so that scent identification is immediate, regardless of the native language – or age – of your customers!
  • Consumption in room service, buffet, or table service: our individual jars are perfect for all occasions and if you are looking for grocery size jars, the Andrésy Origines range also offers them!

Download the catalog of exceptional Andrésy Origines recipes here

Confitures AND PIERAL

Which brand of artisanal jams cooked in a copper basin to choose for the International?

Internationally, importing a French product is a guarantee of taste quality, excellence in know-how and consumer safety.

Of course, if you own a business you can choose to offer Les Confitures à l’Ancienne to your customers. If you need to serve clients in prestigious hotels, don’t hesitate to offer Andrésy Origines!

Do you need your artisanal jam cooked in a copper basin to display the blue white red colors of France or a symbol like the Eiffel Tower?

We produce in Ile de France, about fifty kilometers from Paris, hence our name: Andrésy Confitures, which refers to the village in which we have placed our copper basins for more than 40 years!

The And Pieral brand proudly displays the tricolor colors and the Eiffel Tower: so Frenchy! Perhaps will it suit you?

Consult the And Pieral catalog

Now you know the strengths of each of our ranges of artisanal jams.

You can offer your customers the perfect artisanal jams cooked in copper basins by a French jam maker with the know-how born of his experience in the service of the biggest names in gastronomy and trade!

Choose your range !

Les Confitures à l'Ancienne











Andrésy Origines











And Pieral











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