Which range of Maison Andrésy artisanal jams is ideal for importing and satisfying your international customers?

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March 2022

You supply beautiful hotels or grocery stores on the other side of the planet and you think of offering them artisanal and French jams? Don’t hesitate with Maison Andrésy!

Discover in this article what are the advantages of artisanal jams for your international customers and which range of Maison Andrésy would be the most adapted to your market!

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

What difference do Maison Andrésy’s artisanal jams make for your foreign customers? 


Whether they are hoteliers or large international grocers, your customers need jams for breakfast, brunch or dessert!

So why not offer them carefully prepared artisanal jams made in France?


Originally established in the heart of the largest orchard in the Ile-de-France, a few kilometers from Paris, we are passionate about the great French and international brands, the great chefs and the beautiful establishments that make the reputation of France around the world.


The jams Maison Andrésy it is the guarantee of a know-how and an exceptional expertise which transpire on :
– A large choice of recipes of artisanal jams and savory condiments! Importing French products from Maison Andrésy means importing the famous Dijon mustard or the traditional strawberry jam. It means importing mayonnaise as well as rhubarb jam! A jam that we honor on our blog!
– A rigorous selection of our fruits, essential to the jam, for an even better jam! The different criteria of our specifications on each fruit (color, variety, maturity…) are controlled at the entrance in our Maison. This is our best guarantee for a perfect home-made jam for your customers!
– A cooking in an antique copper basin, proof of our artisanal know-how! The shape, the copper and the gentle steam cooking are the guarantee of a perfect cooking for each jar of jam.


histoire andresy bassine cuivre
histoire andresy bassine cuivre

What are the ranges of artisanal jams that Maison Andrésy offers to you and your customers? 


At Maison Andrésy, we offer a wide range of jams and savory condiments grouped into certain ranges.


– Extra home-made jams :


These jams have the widest possible choice of fruits:

– Apricot

– Pineapple

– Blackcurrant

– Black cherry

– Fig

– Strawberry and clementine

– Strawberry, wild

– Currants

– Blueberry

– And many others with original tastes!

Whatever your market or your customers’ market, you are bound to find a jam that your customers will like in these jams.

Packaged in 270g jars, these artisanal jams are also ones that you can customize to your brand.

You want to stand out from other international grocers or make a strategic choice? Personalize our artisanal jams with your brand to offer an original selection for your customers!

Discover what you can customize by reading this article.

– The original jams Très Fruits or Allégées, low sugar :


For the greediest customers, you can have jams enriched with fruit for even more flavors in the mouth: peach and mango, orange …

Otherwise, at Maison Andrésy, you can benefit from recipes of artisanal jams with less sugar: 4 red fruits, 3 citrus fruits, Strawberry Mara des Bois… Less sugar perhaps but always pleasure!

You can find all these special recipes in 255g or 300g format! These formats are perfect for your customers to share these jams with their family!


– But also savory condiments!


In an exceptional 28g format, find our Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard or Mustard seeds recipe!

These formats are particularly adapted for salted breakfasts in buffet or room service as well as for brunches!

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

How to know which range of artisanal jams best suits your demanding market?


Trust the know-how and expertise of Maison Andrésy since 1952!


Is your market more salty? Take advantage of our salty condiments in exceptional 28g formats!
Your market is more French-style artisanal jams? Think of the “And Pieral” range of jams, very Frenchy!

Each market has its own specificity. To each specificity, its expert!


We have been working with international grocery stores for a long time. So we know how to adapt to your specific needs and demanding markets.

This is why we have qualified experts for your different regions of the world who will be able to advise you in the best possible way!


Contact our experts for personalized advice. We are always at your disposal:
– By e-mail: export@confitures-a-lancienne.fr
– By phone : +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55
– Or on this page. Our teams will get back to you!

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