Autumn jam : enjoy the fruits of the season cooked to perfection in a copper basin by your French expert in artisanal jams !

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October 2021

An autumn jam ? An essential of season to offer to your customers !


It is a French custom to eat jam, often in the morning on good warm bread. It is even with pleasure that foreign tourists find jam in the French breakfast selections.

In addition to the gustatory and olfactory pleasure, the seasonal jams are very appreciated by your consumers who pay more and more attention to consume seasonal fruits.

But, do you know why eating seasonal fruits is so important for your health? Simply because nature is well made. In winter, seasonal fruits are mainly composed of vitamins C and D to compensate for the lack of sunlight, like oranges and clementines. It is therefore important to meet these vitamin needs for the winter. But the sooner we start eating oranges, nuts, figs… the sooner we prepare for winter!

Andrésy Confitures’ autumn jams are perfect for this purpose.

If you want to discover which fruits are in season according to Yuka go to their website here.

Abricots - Fabricant de confitures Andrésy Confitures

Which fruits are looked for by your customers in shops or at the hotel breakfast in the autumn jam ?


If jams for the fall season are so essential for the body and the taste, what fruits can we put in them ?
The priority is given, at Andrésy Confitures, to the tasty fruits in jams : figs, apples, pears, grapes (vestiges of the summer), quinces and clementines, which are the main fruits of the autumn season.

But it is also the season of nuts : chestnuts that begin to fall from the trees, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

The autumn jams from our historic recipe book are still available in stores and in individual hotel sizes :

– Apple pear walnut
– Quince jelly
– Purple figs
– Citrus marmalade
– Clementine chestnut (Christmas recipe)
– Chestnut cream with pieces
– And much more : discover our recipes of autumn jams as well as all the delicious recipes of our brand : download the catalog Les Confitures à l’Ancienne

Have you thought about compotes ? Healthy and very appreciated at breakfast, our individual autumn fruit compotes are a must-have : reinette apple or Williams pears for example.

Bassine de Cuivre Andrésy Confitures
Bassine de Cuivre Andrésy Confitures

To order your autumn jam or reserve them today:


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Entrust your need to one of our experts : a knowledgeable referent to carry out your project or help you create the ideal recipe to satisfy your customers.

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Autumn jams : our expertise thanks to the copper basin !


The copper basin is synonymous with tradition since it is anchored in the imagination for the seasonal jam made by the grandmother patiently in the fireplace with a wooden spoon.

It is also synonymous of perfect cooking of the autumn jam because the copper allows to distribute the heat uniformly in the basin. It will prevent certain parts from being hotter and from having this taste of burnt that we try to avoid in our jams high of range at Andrésy Confitures.

And who better than your expert jam maker, who has never given up cooking in a copper basin since 1952, to prepare these autumn jams that your guests will love?

If you want to know more about our expertise with the copper basin, come and discover it here.

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