Barbecue sauce: great with anything, in any culture

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December 2017

Barbecue sauce has joined the line-up of Andrésy Confitures French condiments. It can now be found at gourmet breakfasts, the trendy brunches served by top chefs and prestigious hotels, and in delicatessens.

Consumers are already familiar with Andrésy Confitures’ French condiments: the mustards, ketchup, mayonnaise and chutney. The latest addition to the range of French products is its barbecue sauce. In summer and winter alike, it will liven up your continental breakfasts, buffets, room service snacks and brunches, and appeal to both French and international customers.

Sauce Barbecue Andrésy Confitures
Sauce Barbecue Andrésy Confitures
Photo © Andrésy Confitures

Presented in little glass jars

Andrésy Confitures poured great care and attention into the design and production of its barbecue sauce, as it does for each of its recipes. It was developed from an original Andrésy Confitures recipe using natural French products.

Like all of the French condiments in its collection, the barbecue sauce comes in little 28 gramme glass jars. This elegant packaging makes it suitable for even the most refined tables in France and abroad, and prevents waste.

An outstanding French condiment for a domestic and international customer base with uncompromising tastes

Petit pot de sauce barbecue Andrésy Confitures

For a perfect continental breakfast

Andrésy Confitures’ barbecue sauce caters for customers accustomed to starting the day with a savoury breakfast. Most are British and American customers, who account for over 15% of the international customers in major hotels in France.

As everyone knows, breakfast is an important, even sacrosanct meal! Whether visitors are travelling on business or for tourism, they need to feel at home and find familiar flavours to get the day off to a good start.

Top chefs and hotel managers are well aware of this and provide generous breakfasts consisting of a wide array of savoury and sweet dishes for their French and international customers. Andrésy Confitures’ barbecue sauce is a natural addition to its other French condiments. It is part of the tradition of French products, adapted to suit the tastes of an uncompromising international customer base.

For a trendy brunch

Brought over from the United States a few years ago, brunch is now on the weekend menu of famous restaurants and hotels. Tourist guides and tourism websites even publish rankings of the best brunches in Paris!

The word “brunch” is a contraction of “breakfast” and “lunch”. Sunday morning late risers love the opportunity to unwind after their working week and spend some fun time with friends.

This special meal, generally served between 11am and 2pm, consists of both sweet and savoury delights (pastries, toast, crepes, eggs, cold fish, chicken, savoury quiches, cheese, etc.), with hot and cold beverages (tea, coffee, fruit juice, champagne, etc.).

Petit pot de sauce barbecue Gamme A l'Ancienne - Andrésy Confitures

Andrésy’s barbecue sauce, French condiments and jams will add a novel, flavour-packed touch to your brunches.

Andrésy Confitures has been applying its gastronomic expertise since 1952 to produce its sweet and savoury recipes. It creates and prepares bespoke recipes for top chefs, the finest hotels and restaurants, and delicatessens.

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