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February 2022

The “natural” trend in gastronomy is also found in the recipes of the various products appreciated by your customers. Why not take advantage of this new trend to create unique and gourmet recipes made with birch sugar, also called xylitol?

Everything is well studied by your consumers from now on : the origin of the ingredients, their vitamin or sugar content, their transformation… Birch sugar would then seem to check off all the characteristics to succeed in a natural jam recipe.

But first, what is xylitol?

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Birch sugar, what is it?


Birch sugar, also called xylitol, is a substitute for white sugar. More and more used in the kitchen by your customers, they like to find it in the composition of the products they buy in grocery stores and shops. 

Birch sugar is a sweetener, extracted from the bark of the birch tree. Hence its nickname: birch sugar

One of its main virtues is to be less caloric than white sugar. Indeed, 100 grams of birch sugar would represent 236 calories precisely. In comparison, 100 grams of white sugar would represent 450 calories. It is logical that birch sugar is found in pastries and other delicacies of the moment! 

Maison Andrésy couldn’t miss birch sugar! But is its texture different from the cane sugar used in our jam recipes? Does birch sugar force your artisanal jam maker to revise his recipe? Does its use have an effect on the taste? 

Why test birch sugar in the manufacture of artisanal jams?



Maison Andrésy has always tried to provide you with recipes that are more succulent than the others, with touches of novelty to surprise your customers! 

The gastronomic trends being more natural recipes for the next years to come, it could be visionary for your grocery store, your hotel, your restaurant, to try birch sugar jams!

Our R&D team is working on including birch sugar in some of our artisanal jams.


Cuisson bassine de cuivre confitures d'oranges
Confitures d'agrumes les petites parisiennes

How did we incorporate birch sugar in the recipes of Maison Andrésy jams?


Birch sugar, being of natural origin and low in calories, has the particularity of having the same taste as well as the same texture as traditional white sugar. Would you like to discover more about the virtues of birch sugar, also called xylitol? Discover them in this article

However, since it is twice as sweet as traditional sugar, you need to use half as much. You think that’s good? In fact it is a difficulty because to “jam” fruits, a certain amount of sugar is necessary for a perfect jamming!

So it took all the expertise of our R&D team and many tests to adapt each recipe for each fruit. The birch sugar jams are being made!






What can you customize in your birch sugar jam recipe? 


You want to stand out from other grocers and restaurant owners by having an original and trendy birch sugar jam? Personalize your jams with the know-how of Maison Andrésy! 

Trust the 70 years of experience of the brand to create, hand in hand, an original and natural recipe based on birch sugar. A daring combination of fruits could be the “French Touch” of your brand. 

As a specialist in made-to-measure jams, Maison Andrésy is the only French jam maker to offer you so many possibilities of customization:

– Fruit origins and varieties
– Recipes: extra jams, light jams, fruit preparations, jellies, compotes, coulis, etc
– Jars and capsules
– The labels
– And many other features!

If you wish to learn more about the possible customizations that Maison Andrésy can offer you, contact the experts in your market. Contact an expert

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