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Andrésy’s tips for successful jam recipes

    Accueil   03   October 2018 Andrésy has been making high-end jams for 4* and 5* hotels and delicatessens since 1952. One of today’s leaders in the upmarket hotel sector and a veritable global reference when it comes to French gastronomy, the...

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Andrésy Confitures launches its new organic range

Be unique, experience Andresy PRESS RELEASE Andrésy Confitures launches its new organic range, Andrésy Gourmet bio, aimed at the high-end hotel sector. 15 August 2018 Since 1952, generation after generation at Andrésy Confitures have created and manufactured the very...

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Jam trends: four seasons to enjoy all year round

    Accueil  08  August 2018 The basic requirement for Andrésy Confitures' recipes is the best fruit, harvested at optimal ripeness. With modern fruit conservation techniques, the company can keep its customers happy throughout the year and be ready when new...

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A jam maker that doesn’t stint on quality!

  Accueil01  August 2018Overall quality and consumer protection are two of Andrésy's top concerns. The jam maker's Systems Quality department, which is in charge of managing quality in the company, never lets its guard down.Food manufacturers, jam makers...

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Andrésy, making top-of-the-line stewed fruit

  Accueil25  July 2018In addition to its jams and many other recipe varieties, Andrésy also makes stewed fruits. Handed down to us by our grandmothers, they are a timeless favourite! Andrésy combines well-being and a delicious treat in a high-end version of...

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Behind the scenes of private-label jams

  Accueil20   June 2018 The impetus for a new product can spring from a sweet tooth, a childhood memory, a word or simply a desire for something new. For Andrésy, nothing is impossible! It turns all of its customers' whims into unusual, unique, tasty...

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