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All you need to know about Andresy Confitures

Be unique, experience Andresy PRESS RELEASE Find all you need to know about ANDRESY CONFITURES 15 January 2018 History : Know-Hows and technical expertise :

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Private-label jams, imagining new tastes

Accueil 10 January 2018 At Andrésy Confitures, 80% of our time is spent designing and making private-label, natural fruit jams. A bespoke service to meet the needs and wants of a customer base made up of upmarket groceries, chefs and luxury hotels. How is a...

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Wellness recipes of jams? Yes we can!

Be unique, experience Andresy PRESS RELEASE Wellness recipes of jams? Yes we can!   18 December 2017   Andrésy confitures is one of the oldest french jam factories. Created in 1952, the jam factory specialised in the high end work, most of the time for...

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A snippet of history about a French jam brand

Accueil 06 December 2017 Not so long ago, Andrésy Confitures used to cook for small grocery shops in the Paris region. Today, this French jam brand is recognised by prestigious customers for the delicious, bespoke recipes it invents and makes. Gérard Cassan remembers...

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Premium jams deserve the best fruit

Accueil 29 November 2017 Andrésy Confitures is very picky about the fruit used to make its premium jams. The company will only use products that have been harvested at peak maturity and are gorged with the richness of the earth, tradition and farming methods that...

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Delicious recipes for real fruit, healthy jam!

22 November 2017 For its Well-being range, jam-maker Andrésy Confitures has created original recipes from a combination of real fruit and superfoods.  What better way to pour its culinary skills into a taste treat and healthy jam for its demanding customers? In just a...

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Cooking in copper pans, tradition and modernity

Accueil 15 November 2017 For nearly 60 years now, Andrésy Confitures has been cooking its fruit jam production in copper pans. Originally, it was because this was the traditional method in French gastronomy. Today, though, it is because of the advantages of this...

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Breakfast in Dubai

23 March 2017 Andrésy Confitures couldn't go to Dubai without doing the rounds of the breakfast buffets in this amazing city's prestigious 5* hotels. Driven by curiosity and a love of fine food, Andrésy Confitures sampled the breakfast buffets of Dubai's classiest...

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