How to propose to your customers recipes rich in fruits, less sweetened, for your organic jam offer?

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February 2020

To eat better is now the will of consumers. We are aware that we must improve the way we eat and that we must choose products without preservatives, without coloring, neither too salty nor too sweet, … to protect our health.

So eating well rhymes with deprivation? No !

It is possible to marry pleasure, commitment and healthy products.

Today’s producers are also consumers, members of a family, with loved ones they want to take care of : they feel concerned!

At Andrésy Confitures we thought that offering your customers an organic jam range rich in fruit and with less sugar would meet everyone’s expectations!

Why would organic jam be a privilege? How to find organic fruit despite the lack of organic farmland in France and Europe? Why choose organic jam recipes rich in fruit?

Why is organic is a promising market for your business?

Many consumers choose organic to preserve their health, and others for the quality and taste!

In a few figures, organic is :

  • More than 9 out of 10 French people declare to consume organic products during the year.
  • 14% of French people consume organic food every day.
  • Worldwide revenues of 92.8 billion euros in 2017.
  • Organic agricultural land is expected to increase from 6.5% today to 15% in 2022.


It has been known for some years now that the organic market is a market of the future. The trend is still continuing.

Andrésy Confitures toasts of wellness jams

What are the additional benefits of choosing organic jam?

Do you know the difference between a classic jam and an organic jam?

In both cases the ingredients are fruit, yet to cook an organic jam, you don’t put just any fruit.

In a jar of organic jam, what do you find?

  • Fruits selected for their quality and their taste in jam (they are not the same as those that we eat fresh, at the table).
  • Ingredients from organic farmland (i.e. certified and subject to annual audits)
  • An organic product must contain at least 95% of ingredients from organic farming: it’s the law!
  • No (or so little) pesticide residues. It must be said that organic guarantees the absence of pesticides, no use of GMOs or synthetic chemicals.

So what are you waiting for to offer organic to your consumers?

Learn more about the fruits of our organic jams

Organic jam: a real commitment for future at Andrésy Confiture

For us, jam maker, organic is a real commitment. We must respect many constraints.

Here are some of them:

  • limitation to the only organic products: when the organic culture of a variety of fruit does not exist, no product is available. So sometimes we choose not to create some recipes.
  • Limited quantities: 7.5% of agricultural land is organic in Europe
  • Higher prices: this is due to the fact that organic does not practice intensive agriculture, does not use fertilizers or pesticides: commitments that result in fewer quantities harvested. But let’s see the positive point, the organic method lets Nature play its role!
  • Price and time of certification: when we make an organic jam, the farmer must be certified organic and also the jam producer, like the packaging and even the ink on the labels.

Did you imagine that at Andrésy Confitures we had been certified organic since 1998? And that we passed each annual audit initiated by Ecocert?

Finding organic fruit is therefore a real expertise! To learn more about our organic sourcing and commitments read our blog article

Coffret Andrésy Origines

How do Andrésy’s Organic jams meet all your needs?

Andrésy Confitures offers a range of recipes for organic fruit preparations, with many advantages!

Let’s list them?

Our ANDRÉSY GOURMET organic fruit preparations are :

  • Fruit-rich recipes with a minimum of 60% organic fruit, always cooked in a copper basin, in small quantities.
  • Less sugars after cooking: we stop cooking our recipes at the right time to guarantee a 48% sugar content.
  • Of course, there are some sought-after flavors, in mono-fruit recipes. Indeed, the three favorite flavors of consumers in France and Europe are Apricot, Strawberry and Orange.
  • Original marriages, born from our renowned creativity, such as the peach-mango marriage, among the most appreciated by our customers or: fig-currant, strawberry-raspberry, apricot passion fruit, etc….

Do not hesitate to consult all the advantages of our range of organic jam by clicking here

Want to work with the french jam maker who makes organic his commitment?

Consult our catalog and be at the rendez-vous of your customers’ expectations!

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