How to make a personalized 2022 jam advent calendar with your brand, in France or abroad thanks to Maison Andresy?

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April 2022



An advent calendar is a luxurious offer more and more popular with your customers these last years!


The holiday season is always the period of your biggest sales. In this festive atmosphere, having an original advent calendar with jam sets you apart. It is also an attractive product with a high added value for you, which gives you an unequalled visibility.


An advent calendar with jam is to honor an everyday product to share (or not!).


This luxurious offer for your customers you can customize it to your brand and to those of your market too. But how?


Discover in this article how to personalize a jam advent calendar thanks to the expertise of Maison Andresy!

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

On which elements of personalization can you act for your jam advent calendar 2022?



You can personalize your 2022 jam advent calendar for your market or your brand in many ways because Maison Andresy is the French specialist in custom-made jams.


Maison Andresy offers you several customizable options according to your market:
– The language: on the calendar and the jar labels.
Did you know that today you can already benefit from advent calendars in French and English?
– The recipes: you can choose the most popular jam recipes of your market. Low sugar jams, traditional jams with strawberry, apricot, orange…


Maison Andresy offers you several options that can be customized according to your tastes:
– The flavors you choose: at Maison Andresy you can have only jams but also honeys and spreads!
We recommend a complete range with jars of jams, a jar of honey and a spread to surprise your customers at every box and diversify your luxury offer.
– For your brand, Maison Andresy can personalize your advent calendar with your jams, your jars, your recipes, your designs, your labels!


Contact our experts to see the feasibility of your project ! 

arbres de noel en peau d'orange andrésy confitures

How does the creation of your jam advent calendar with Maison Andresy work for the French market? 


Let’s detail the steps that lead to the creation of your advent calendar:


The first step is in March to gather your desires, your needs for this original advent calendar with our experts.
For example on the exterior design: do you want a gourmet calendar with cutlery on the front? Or a decorative advent calendar?


Once determined and finalized, your ideas will be put into production in April:
– The visual creation of the calendar – with our templates, or your graphic designer, a designer search by us
– The choice of recipes, fragrances: with extreme customization you want your own jars and fragrances, or advice of relevance to your market with our own recipes and ranges (2×12 different fragrances or 3×8 different fragrances),
– The number of advent calendars you want
– The delivery deadline
– The reception of the visual proposals and the validation of the final calendar


Our quality department also has the right to a review time in April!
It is important that all the recipes (their ingredients, packaging, labels) and all the legal information on your original advent calendar are VERIFIED for its proper marketing!


In May, we confirm and launch the essential productions of the small jars of jams.


Finally, in July your calendars are assembled and filled for delivery to your home in September.
It is important for distributors and retailers to be able to sell before the opening in early December! 



How is the creation of your jam advent calendar with Maison Andresy for an international market?


We apply the same guidelines for export.


But – as you can imagine – we pay particular attention to the translation of the recipes and to the quality control (regulations specific to your target country, labels)!


Maison Andresy is also careful to ensure that the calendars are sent in August to allow your international distributors to receive them sufficiently in advance.


Need a concrete example?
Discover on our blog the making of the GastronomiLeverantören advent calendar!

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How does Maison Andresy help you make your jam advent calendars?



Since the 1980s, Maison Andresy has been accompanying you in your jam projects. Our company has worked hand in hand with numerous French distributors or chefs, pastry chefs and renowned caterers over the decades.
Our sales experts have developed expertise in tailor-made jams over time and on your behalf. 

This is why today we are able to offer you a luxurious and original advent calendar with our jams!

Our experts accompany you throughout the process:

– In the meeting of your desires:
Our experts show you what has already been done in jam advent calendar, what is possible to customize and especially what is most suitable for your market !
They know how to answer all your questions and guide you, in particular on the choice of the relevant assortments of recipes. 
Discover all our MUST HAVE jams for the holidays by consulting this article !

– In the choice of ranges and flavors of jams:
Are these fruits suitable for the small individual jar format?
Take advantage of the experience of our experts and our quality department to answer this question.

– In keeping with the timing:
Your sales expert will be able to discuss with you to validate all the steps previously mentioned and especially to make sure that all the deadlines are respected to the maximum for an optimal marketing

– In the definition of the needs of the production services:
Your expert is the most able to know which technique is used for this particular jam, if it is possible to incorporate such and such visual element in the creation of your customized calendar and many other questions you may have. Our sales department will provide you with the support you need to meet your customers’ requirements!



We made you want to create a jam advent calendar?

You need to know more?

Contact our sales experts to see the feasibility of your project or for more information.

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