Ready for the next holidays? Create your own advent calendar of jams top-of-the-range like Gastronomi thanks to the know-how of the Maison Andrésy

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December 2021

GastronomiLeverantören wanted to create an advent calendar with the top-of-the-range French jams of Maison Andrésy and it is with pleasure that we answered present to this project! Maison Andrésy has been their partner for many years.

GastronomiLeverantören is a company that imports delicatessen from France, Italy and the UK for small independent grocery stores in Sweden. Since when? What products can you find there? Why did they make a jam advent calendar and how?

If you too are thinking of offering an advent calendar with jams in 2022, this article is for you!

Couronne de fruits andrésy confitures

Why create an advent calendar with top-of-range jams?


You might ask yourself why high quality jams in an advent calendar instead of the traditional chocolates?

You have probably noticed in the last few years a diversification and multiplication of the offer on the advent calendar market. Your customers see advent calendars on social networks, in stores, in e-shops… as early as September this year!

Moreover, you can now find advent calendars with chocolates, teas, alcohols, skincare products, makeup… It has become a real appointment of the month of December, for adults as well as for children!

However, jam advent calendars are not very common, even less with top-of-range jams, even though they are appreciated by your demanding customers!

So what better partner than Maison Andrésy ?

The know-how and expertise of Maison Andrésy go back generations to 1952. Your artisanal jam maker knows what he is doing in the making of his French jams and consumers love it. Maison Andrésy’s artisanal jams are therefore a real gustatory gift for your partner companies or for your consumers at the end of the year.

To create a jam advent calendar with your brand is thus a true distinction for your customers!


Mini cherry jam and Espelette pepper by Andrésy Confitures

What can contain an advent calendar of high quality jams?


It is an advent calendar revealing a small gift per day throughout the month of December to wait until Christmas. Here it is a special calendar for the breakfasts with 25 small jars of jams for 25 days.

Our high quality jams have been chosen in small jars of 28g for this advent calendar with GastronomiLeverantören.

The individual jar format is very practical to create a gourmet advent calendar since it is perfectly suited for a breakfast. Of course, as advent calendars are mostly opened in the morning by your customers, eager to discover what is hidden behind the box of the day, the jam is very suitable!

GastronomiLeverantören wanted to offer it to its partner companies: e-shops, boutiques and grocery stores for the holidays this year. But you can also make it your own for your partners or even for your consumers.

How to order your advent calendar of jams at Gastronomi?

You can go directly to the GastronomiLeverantören website and view their catalog.


How did Maison Andrésy support Gastronomi in its jam advent calendar project?

GastronomiLeverantören and Maison Andrésy have had a love affair since the beginning of the Swedish import company. Just think: Maison Andrésy was the 3rd company to enter the GastronomiLeverantören shop!

The idea to make an advent calendar together came from several needs:
– GastronomiLeverantören already had an advent calendar of teas for sale and it was a great success. They wished to repeat the success.
– Maison Andrésy offered them an advent calendar last Christmas as a thank you gift for this historical partnership and that was the trigger !

GastronomiLeverantören wanted to launch the adventure with us for 2021.

We proposed several designs and the GastronomiLeverantören teams were able to choose the options they liked best.

Andrésy’s expertise was to allow them to choose what best suited their brand identity and their objectives with this advent calendar of jams. It was interesting for them to have little things that were different, that were a change from what they usually do.

This jam advent calendar will be for GastronomiLeverantören the end of the year gift for their grocery store partners, shops and various retailers.

A nice idea, isn’t it?


You too, you want to create a jam advent calendar or you have another custom-made jam project, a use of your production?


Entrust your project to one of our custom jam experts : Contact our custom jam experts.

Contact an expert of your market : click here.

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