Candlemas 2022 : discover the infinity of artisanal and traditional jams available from Maison Andrésy for this gourmet occasion !

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January 2022

Candlemas is the festival of crêpes in France. It is THE time for your customers to make crêpes with their family or even waffles or pancakes! 

Every year, the French tradition brings thousands of epicureans to taste crêpes and other delicacies for the occasion. Often accompanied by a filling that brings a touch of greed! A panel that awakens the taste buds:
– Sugar
– Honey
– Spread
– Jelly
-Chestnut cream
– And often jam !

So which jams to choose this year for your customers? You want to please them while varying the possible flavors?

Trust Maison Andrésy’s ancestral know-how in the making of traditional Candlemas jams!

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Why is Candlemas the occasion each year to eat jams on crêpes, waffles or even pancakes?


Candlemas was a pagan festival in Roman times and became a Christian religious festival in the 4th century, marking the presentation of Christ in the temple. It is celebrated on February 2nd, forty days after Christmas. But nowadays, we mostly know Candlemas as the festival of crêpes !

But have you ever wondered why we make crêpes on this occasion?

You may have heard of the farmers who used to make crêpes with the previous year’s surplus flour, convinced that crêpes would ensure a good harvest for the coming year.

It was also a tradition that, in order to be prosperous, they had to blow them up with their right hand while holding a gold louis in their left hand. That’s why we always try to make the crêpes jump while cooking them!

Candlemas remains a family tradition and a must-attend celebration par excellence where you, the merchants, are in great demand. Your customers are looking for eggs, flour, milk but above all a gourmet topping.
A crêpe with jam on it is still what makes (little and big) children dream!

For this occasion, Maison Andrésy offers you homemade jams in different formats:
– In large format (1kg): ideal for your restaurants, your buffets or for large families of gourmets
– In grocery store format
– In individual jars of course !


Cuillere de confitures de fraises
Etiquettes de pots de confiture

Which jam recipes are traditional for Candlemas?


Candlemas being a tradition for thousands of years, which jams are also traditionally associated with crêpes ?

– The strawberry, of course: a great classic appreciated by all ages
– The cherry : a remnant of summer appreciated by nostalgic people
– The fig: an autumn fruit appreciated for its ideal consistency for spreading
– Citrus fruits in general: winter fruits found in abundance and widely appreciated in jams
– But also apricot, raspberry, chestnut…

These jams are MUST HAVE for celebration like Candlemas: all guests will find their happiness. They will be demanded by your customers and Maison Andrésy accompanies you in the success of this tradition!


What other toppings are more original but just as appreciated that your expert confectioner has at your disposal for Candlemas?


For your curious customers, Maison Andrésy also has some original and equally excellent jams available for Candlemas crêpes :

– Milk jam, which is suitable for both crêpes and waffles
– Chestnut cream (which spreads very well)
– Green tomato jam for savory crêpes !
– Spread of course for every mouth
– Honey to change the jam also from time to time
– And much more if you have a project in mind !

Order quickly to be ready for Candlemas

You can find the MUST HAVE jams for Candlemas in our different catalogs.

To download them : click here

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