Cherry jam, rhubarb jam or raspberry jam: what original jam recipes with spring fruits?

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April 2020

The spring settles and after only a few days of beautiful sunny weather, the buds burst! It’s time to think about enjoying the seasonal fruits that will soon arrive in our gardens, fields and greenhouses: cherries, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb!

Do you like to see your clients feast on seasonal jams at breakfast? You would like to advise the visitors of your shops, delicatessens and boutiques on the recipes of original spring jams?

Andrésy Confitures delivers you the secrets of its sourcing of fruits and its best recipes of rhubarb jam, cherry jam and raspberry jam!

How to source fruits for your original spring jam recipes?

The sourcing of the fruits is one of the major expertises of Andrésy Confitures! It is Gérard Cassan who started this work of sourcing at his arrival in 1975. He trained his daughter Julia who now manages the R&D department.

How does our spring fruit sourcing work ?

First of all, it is important to know that sourcing red berries in France, such as raspberries and cherries, is complicated for various reasons:

  • cherry orchards in the Basque country – famous for their famous black cherry – have almost disappeared over time
  • Cherry trees in the North of France are regularly attacked by pests
  • Raspberries are not cultivated in a “professional” way even if they are very present in our gardens!

However, Alice Fournier, R&D manager at Andrésy Confitures, explains how she manages to source quality fruit in France (and elsewhere!)

“We canvass producers and we propose cultivation partnerships over 3 years, to help farmers and arboriculturists to keep varieties of small fruits in their region. This is what we have done with a raspberry producer in Corrèze for example!

We are also fortunate to have long-standing partnerships with arborists and fruit brokers. They know our specifications and requirements:

  • the taste: we are looking for a characteristic taste of the ripe fruit: very fruity, having received the right amount of sunshine for an optimal taste
  • the appearance: we do not need “beautiful”, calibrated fruit, like a pastry chef for a pie. We are looking for fruits adapted to jam, not damaged, of grade B, with colors that correspond well to the variety
  • good growing conditions: with crops reduced in pesticides, reasoned or even organic

As a result, specialists and producers can introduce us to newly planted varieties, better adapted to climatic conditions following tests on their plots or because they have heard that we have reliable and sustainable outlets to offer them. “

Confiture Andresy Origines 4 fruits rouges

Which cherry jam does Andrésy Confitures recommend?

Did you know that the cherry harvest starts in May and lasts until July?

Andrésy Confitures works with 2 types of fruits for its cherry jam:

  • the black cherry: less requested today in jam than in fresh, and less available
  • the morello cherry: lighter, more acid and sweet

Do you know our brand Andrésy Origines ?

It offers fruit varieties and origins particularly adapted to high-end artisanal jams, selected for their outstanding taste characteristics.

For this Prestige brand, Andrésy Confitures has chosen the Oblacenska variety for its cherry jam recipe. Very fruity and at the same time with acidulous notes, the cherry jam Andrésy Origines reveals a good balance of the gustatory notes of fruits.

Do you know why rhubarb jam is becoming more and more popular with consumers?

The harvest of the green and red rhubarb varieties in the north of France takes place in May. Then there is a second harvest in September.

Consumers love the green rhubarb: with a more acidic taste, its flavor and color correspond perfectly to what consumers expect from a rhubarb jam!

Would you believe that a few years ago, green rhubarb was the rarest variety in France? Then, faced with the demand of the brands, the farmers extended the plantations of green rhubarb of Goliath variety.

Since 1952, Andrésy Confitures had developed many recipes of original jams of rhubarb. Here are some of them, among the most appreciated:

  • vanilla rhubarb Jam
  • rhubarb and raspberry jam
  • rhubarb and strawberry jam
  • duo of rhubarb
  • etc

Today you will have the pleasure of being able to offer your customers the tangy notes so sought after in Goliath green rhubarb thanks to the Andrésy Origines brand.

Download the catalog of the Prestige Andrésy Origines range

Why is the original Andrésy Origines raspberry jam recipe a breakfast asset?

The raspberry is a traditional fruit of the French soil. In our families, it is not unusual to have a recipe for original raspberry jam!

The raspberry harvest goes from June to October, thanks to remontant varieties.

For our Prestige Andrésy Origines brand, we chose the Willamette variety for its excellent taste: fruity and sweet.

Alice Fournier recalls that sometimes customers have been very creative with raspberry jam for their brands:

  • raspberry jam with basil
  • preparation of raspberry with Champagne wine

In the historical recipe book of Andrésy Confitures, we still find old jams with raspberry:

  • the 4 red fruits jam: strawberry, raspberry, cherry and red currant (or blackberry according to the season!)
  • the raspberry redcurrant jelly (excellent to prepare a baked apple!)

Would you like to try it?

The Andrésy Origines range allows you to offer a recipe for raspberry jam for breakfast that is balanced in sugar and rich in fruit: the simplicity of taste of a unique fruit! Very popular on toast or brioche, this original raspberry jam recipe is a real asset to change from the traditional strawberry, apricot and orange jams!

Would you like to order Andrésy Origins raspberry jam or cherry jam?

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