Do you want to select gourmet offers in your stores for Christmas 2020 ? Discover Christmas recipes and offers from Andrésy Confitures’ event catalog

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July 2020

Offers and recipes for CHRISTMAS 2020 are available !

In food, event sales are popular meetings for consumers. For the end-of-year celebrations in particular, pastry chefs, chefs, brands and their partner producers do wonders each year. Your jam maker supports you by creating special recipes for Christmas and family meetings, discover them !

Christmas marmalade and jam by Andresy Confitures

What special Christmas jam recipes in 2020 to drive your end-of-year sales?

For this Christmas Andrésy Confitures worked on seasonal fruits for his special Christmas jam and marmalade recipes.

Fall and winter are rich in fruit flavors. They are the seasons of wood products : hazelnuts, chestnuts. It is also during this end of the year that citrus fruits reach maturity in France and Europe : lemons, citron, oranges, clementines.

In fact, many French culinary traditions use these fruits in traditional holiday desserts such as the 13 desserts served at Christmas in Provence.

In this inspiration, Andrésy Confitures has created 2 delicious Christmas jam recipes for your customers:

– chestnut and clementine jam with a touch of cinnamon

– oranges and lemon marmalade with Christmas spices

Avent calendar with 24 jam recipes by Andresy Confitures

NEW: the advent calendar for jams, for original and gourmet breakfasts

Very fun, Advent calendars are a family way to discover delicious flavors!

For the first time, Andrésy Confitures has created an Advent calendar with 24 mini 28g jars of traditional jams under the brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne.

Thanks to this different Advent calendar from your usual products, your customers will be able to discover a different jam recipe every morning and enjoy their jam spreads even more.

The Old Jams Advent calendar is an original gift to offer from the beginning of November. Consider ordering it today!

confit de noel confit d'oignon

The gift box of traditional confits : to accompany your savory dishes or your cheeses

Andrésy Jams cooked with traditional French confits for more than 20 years in its copper cauldrons.

The jam maker also masters the cooking of wine and alcohol jellies traditionally consumed with holiday dishes : Sauternes jelly, Porto jelly, Cider jelly and even beer jelly !

For Christmas 2020, the brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne offers an elegant transparent box of 3 jars of 45g with facets with the main candy and wine jelly recipes consumed during the holidays:

– candied onions

– Fig confit

– Cider jelly

Epicerie Fine - Collection Gastronomie

Recipes for fruit preparations for cheeses : for festive cheese platters

In France there are more than 500 different cheese recipes ! That’s to say if we like cheeses.

These regional cheeses are traditionally associated with the fruits of their regions: cherries in Basque territory, figs in Corsica, apples in Normandy, grapes in vineyard territories, etc.

At Christmas and for all holiday meals, the French take care of their cheese platters.

Old-fashioned jams offers recipes for cheeses specially designed to enhance the cheeses, rich in fruit and with less sugar to accompany the cheese platters at Christmas with recipes among the most associated with cheeses:

– figs with nuts : to be enjoyed with goat cheeses

– Espelette chilli cherry: to combine with sheep’s milk or cooked cheeses such as Comté

How and when to order Christmas recipes for jams and marmalades, candies and Advent calendars ?

All the offers in Andrésy Confitures’ Christmas 2020 catalog are available to order today:

– Christmas jam

– Christmas marmalade

– Advent calendar

– 3 confits gift box

You can call or email your usual sales contact and place an order for delivery.

For more information on quantities per boxes, packaging, recipes, mini orders, prices, or private labelling :

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