Citrus jams, chestnut jams : winter fruits are on the rise ! Your customers ask for them, it is time to satisfy them with the catalog of jams of Maison Andrésy.

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December 2021

In the Maison Andrésy, we prepare winter jams, with quality seasonal fruits to offer to your customers for breakfasts and meals this winter or for the end of year celebrations. 

Do you have an idea of the delicious winter fruits in jams?
– Citrus fruits with bitter oranges, clementines, lemons, citrus fruits that go well with spices like bergamot or cinnamon
– Chestnuts, marrons
– Figs

Your greediness is awakened? Here are the winter jams (citrus jams, chestnuts jams, figs jams) that the Maison Andrésy has cooked for your customers in its copper basins!

Couronne de fruits andrésy confitures

Why are citrus, chestnut and fig jams requested by your customers now ? 

Your customers see these fruits everywhere because the winter months are the season when these fruits mature and need to be harvested.
Your customers see citrus and figs arriving in their favorite stores and chestnuts on the trails in the forest. These fruits are also present during these months in advertisements, in store windows, in decoration catalogs, in restaurant menus and more.

What could be more natural than for your customers to want to taste them or re-taste them?

However, fruit can be eaten in different formats:
– Fruits on their own
– Fruit in juice,
– Fruit in gazpacho,
– Fruits in topping on yoghurts, pancakes, pancakes,
– Fruit in compotes,
– Fruit in pies…

So why not have these fruits in jams to offer them? Nothing like an citrus jam on hot bread in the morning for breakfast.

For some fruits, the fact that they are more tasted during festive meals, like figs with foie gras, is added to the seasonality.

They are therefore capital in winter, at the end of the year.

If you want to leave a lasting memory to your customers, breakfast with citrus jams, chestnuts, figs, is a must have at this season!

Curious to discover all the fruits of the winter season? You can find out what winter fruits other than oranges, clementines and chestnuts are here.

Fruits that your expert jam maker proposes to you as well: in jams, in confits, in limited Christmas editions and others, and that you can find in our catalog

    arbres de noel en peau d'orange andrésy confitures

    Why are citrus jams, chestnut jams and fig jams seen as winter treats by your customers?

    Although these jams are difficult to master: they are excellent.

    Chestnut jams are appreciated for their creamy texture and sweetness. Citrus jams have more character, sometimes even bitterness, but they are all equally renowned.

    The expertise and the experience of Maison Andrésy bring even small variations to the eternal citrus jams: the clementines of our jams come from Corsican orchards and have a more fruity taste, they are not bitter! These jams are sought after by customers who love the energizing fruitiness of citrus fruits in the morning at breakfast.

    The jam format is also easy to eat. There is no need to peel the orange or to remove the threads for your children… A jar of 3 citrus jam, some bread or a cake and it is a successful and especially simple breakfast for your customers!

    These citrus jams are very greedy and are very sought after in the morning. They go very well with coffee, tea or milk of the youngest. Our English neighbors even look for these jams at tea time. Winter jams are a must for breakfast in hotels, on the shelves of your stores, for room service…


    Why do your customers expect more of these winter jams on your tables or in your stores?

    We know that many people still enjoy making jams with fruits from the garden or picked in the forest or gleaned from markets. So why offer them at breakfast buffets, in room service or in stores?

    Did you know that citrus jams are the most difficult to make at home?

    Citrus fruits are generous in pectin, a natural gelling element present to varying degrees in the fruit. When cooked, it allows the fruit and sugar mixture to become a soft, or hardened, jam.
    During home-made cooking, the difficulty is that this pectin is not mastered and gives random results!
    So homemade citrus jam very often becomes too solid to be spread afterwards. Many unsuccessful attempts have been made.

    Chestnut jam is also a technical recipe, much less easy to make at home than one would like! For chestnut jam to be successful, you have to blanch them in water once, after having removed the first skin, then you have to candy them with sugar, then, if you don’t want a piece, you have to finish by blending them to get that creamy texture so characteristic of the jam.
    In short, it’s a long process that requires experience and expertise!

    Winter fruits (citrus, chestnuts, figs) are therefore difficult and time consuming fruits to make into homemade jams. Consumers who have already tried it know that it is easier and safer to buy them from an expert jam maker! So you can trust our expertise since 1952 to make these great jams.


    To order right away and directly, think of our application and you will find the instructions for using the application in this article.

    We answer you by phone or email: we are always at your disposal!

    To contact an expert in your market: click here.  

    To call us : +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55

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