The citrus jam in the top 3 of jams appreciated by the French!

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February 2022

The winter it is the season of the citrus fruits. And who says citrus fruits says jam with citrus fruits!

Discover which fruits are the most appreciated by the French in the citrus jam and what makes the success of this so particular jam! Discover also how to get it easily with Maison Andrésy.

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Citrus jam or marmalade?

Some people call it “orange jam”, others “orange marmalade ». Both expressions are used indifferently by consumers.

But did you know that there is a real difference in recipe and taste?

Here is the legal definition of marmalade: “It is the mixture, brought to the appropriate jelly-like consistency, of water, sugars and one or more of the following products obtained from citrus fruits: pulp, puree, juice, aqueous extract and peel. The quantity of citrus fruit used in the manufacture of 100 grams of finished product is not less than 20 grams of which at least 7.5 grams come from the endocarp (inner skin of the fruit).”

Legally, the marmalade contains 20% of fruits minimum, much less than the jam: a recipe must contain at least 35% of fruits to be entitled to the appellation jam and more than 45% of fruits for the appellation “extra jam” – which is the case of the jams of Maison Andrésy!


Cuisson bassine de cuivre confitures d'oranges
Confitures d'agrumes confitures de mandarine anciennes offres andrésy confitures

Which fruits can be found in citrus jam?



Citrus fruits are a very broad category of winter fruits. They contain for example:

– Clementines
– Oranges
– Grapefruits
– Mandarins
– Lemons
– Bergamot
– And many other fruits!

But which fruits work best in citrus jam?


Since 1952, Maison Andrésy has tried for you, several combinations of citrus fruits, to find the best recipes for the taste buds of your guests and clients.

Did you know that citrus jam is one of the top 3 favorite jams of the French?

Among these recipes, we find :

– Bitter orange jam

– Citrus blends like the 3 citrus jam: orange, grapefruit and lemon

– Jam with sweet orange and bitter orange

– Clementine and sweet orange jam

Your customers enjoy and consume citrus jams at breakfast, on toast or in a dairy.

Why is citrus jam in the top 3 favorite jams of the French?

But why are citrus jams so appreciated by the French?

With their colors and vitamins, these fruits evoke the sun and heat of summer.

When autumn comes, your clients and guests are eager to enjoy citrus fruits. There’s nothing like citrus jam on toast, in cottage cheese, with waffles, pancakes and even on muffins in England!

The citrus jam is very appreciated for its firm and easy-to-spread texture.

Did you know that this texture is due to the higher presence of pectin (natural gelling agent) in citrus fruits than in other fruits such as cherries?

Then, it is the know-how of Maison Andrésy that prevents citrus jam from being too bitter for the palate of the little ones!

These jams are therefore naturally in the hearts and taste buds of the French.

Where to find this citrus jam? At Maison Andrésy of course!

Thus, the popularity of these citrus jams is such that Maison Andrésy has developed tasty recipes!

You can find in our catalogs the traditional citrus jams:
– The 3 citrus fruits jam: orange, grapefruit and lemon
– The jam with sweet orange and bitter orange
– Clementine and sweet orange jam

But you can also have more original and sparkling citrus alliances:
– Strawberry and clementine jam
– Clementine and chestnut jam
– Strawberry and yuzu jam
– Orange and melon jam
– Tangerine and passion fruit jam

And if you want to create your own flavors of citrus jams: Maison Andrésy accompanies you in the realization of this project!

Take advantage of Maison Andrésy’s know-how and contact an expert in your market to see the feasibility of your project!
Contact an expert.

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