Winter in confinement: what impact on the production of your jam?

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November 2020

With the unpleasant impression of a “déjà vu”, we start a confined winter. Of course, protecting our loved ones and getting out of this situation as quickly as possible is everyone’s priority today!

At Andrésy Confitures we couldn’t compromise between keeping our teams and their families safe and ensuring a constant quality of the production of your jams. We chose to ensure on both fronts!

Taking your orders, supplies, making your jams and deliveries, custom jam projects…

How do we maintain our high standards while keeping our teams safe?

Petits pots de confiture Andrésy origines

How do we protect our teams?

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been concerned about the health of our employees and the food safety of your jam production.

We seriously follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health internally as well as the evolution of the measures taken by the French government.

Our crisis management system is based on three axes: prevention, protection and business continuity.

In terms of preventing the spread of the virus and protecting our employees, here are the measures we are taking:

All “non-operational” posts have been teleworking since the beginning of the containment in order to protect our employees and their families.

Of course, we have evolved our communication and work technologies since the first confinement to enable everyone to telework serenely and efficiently!

For our employees who have identified themselves as being at risk according to the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP), they no longer physically go to the site, whatever their position. Their health and that of their families above all!

In our jam production workshops, for positions that cannot be held by teleworking :

we limit exchanges between areas to the strict minimum (transfer of raw materials),

we apply the principle of distance between workstations, with a ban on skin-to-skin contact and a distance of 1 m between each workstation.

– Access to the site is forbidden to external persons.

– Hygiene rules and barrier gestures are regularly reminded through visual communication but above all directly by managers.

For our entire jam production workshop and the premises of the administrative and commercial departments, we carry out reinforced disinfection of common areas.

How do we ensure the continuity of our jam production activity?

For the management of our supplies, we check the measures taken by our suppliers of raw materials and packaging.
We make a regular review with our strategic suppliers in order to secure the production of your jams.

For transport from our workshop to your shops, hotels and various businesses: we have validated the measures taken by our transporters.

More generally, our quality manager Josiane Brauchli is also our “COVID-19” reference: she ensures a daily monitoring of the situation’s evolution. With her quality team, she adapts our procedures if necessary, informs managers and helps with the constant reminder of safety measures for people and products.

private label jams strawberry

The production of jams: from order taking to availability

You may be wondering how you can place an order?

Same as before!

Your contact at our company is always available and ready to listen.

A little reminder :

You can reach our sales department via the switchboard hotline:

– Sales hotline: 01 39 75 14 55

You can also call your usual sales contact via their mobile phone number or by email:

Delphine CIRJEAN for personalised files:

06 71 33 41 47 

Salima HAMRY for local shops :

07 85 13 30 42 

Sabine CASSEY and François SALLES for the hotels :  and 

Christelle ADRIAO for the International : 

As far as possible, remember to use email if your request is not urgent!

private label jams strawberry

What delivery times can you expect?

For the moment, we have no delays in our jam production. Our teams are mobilised to ensure the usual lead times so that the situation does not penalise your sales or the availability of your customers’ favourite jams!

Transport delays are beyond our control. However, no additional delays are to be reported for the moment.

Attention if you are in the case of an order for the production of a custom-made or personalised jam: make sure you validate the date of availability with your usual commercial contact.

How do our teams support your custom jam projects?

We continue to listen to your projects and your creative desires!

The R&D team and the sales contact who follows your project are 100% operational!

It can happen that sourcing a particular ingredient takes a little longer than usual. But so far all the producers contacted for the jam projects entrusted to us have been very reactive.

So don’t postpone your projects to create a range of jams or special recipes. On the contrary, it is time to prepare the future and create jam recipes to welcome the return of customers with greed!

Reassured by our business continuity and jam production measures?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for further information or to entrust us with a jam production project. 

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