Have you thought about the apple compote cooked in the old way for your offers of desserts “form and nutrition”?

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April 2020

According to an article in a French professionnel magazine : “Whether in jars, flasks, cans or now in Tetra Paks, compotes are at the crossroads of four major consumer trends: eating better; authenticity and tradition; practicality; greed and pleasure. As a result, sales of the category jumped 75% between 2008 and 2016 compared to 11% for the total sweet grocery category! “

In recent years the craze for this healthy dessert has been confirmed with young and old alike, and snacking and nutrition trends have also taken hold!

Are you looking for a healthy, low-sugar fruit-based dessert for your snacking, catering or takeaway offer? Why not compotes?

What is called a “compote”?

Apple compote has often become a recipe that you make yourself or that you buy in the fresh produce section, most of the time without any pieces: applesauce made from very finely blended fruit, low-fat or sugar-free compote, combined seasonal fruit, etc

If you are one of those who like healthy and low-sugar fruit-based desserts, you should look for authentic compotes to offer to your customers.

Do you know what it means to stew a fruit?

It means to cook very slowly fruits in pieces, more or less big, with a liquid (water, juice, etc.) and sugar, so that they are reduced to a kind of purée.

Why is apple compote considered a “shape and nutrition” dessert?

Legally, the name “compote” is used for a product obtained by cooking one or more fruits, in pieces (with a minimum of 10% fruit pieces) or whole, sieved or not, and sugar(s). The compote must have a minimum sugar content of 24% after cooking.

There is also a legal term for “low-sugar compote”: it must have a sugar content reduced by at least 30% compared to standard compote.

It is therefore quite natural that the compote is positioned in our minds as a “shape and nutrition” dessert:

  • fruit-based
  • with little sugar added during cooking and a low sugar concentration after cooking the compote
  • Simple and easy to eat at any age and at any time

How does Andrésy Confitures carry out the cooking of its apple compote in the old way?

As usual, Andrésy Confitures is above all in search of a product of quality and authentic!

Here is how we cook our apples, pears, apricots and other fruits compotes:

  • from varieties of fruits selected for their gustative qualities: Reinette apples, pears of Provence, apricots of Roussillon, Morello cherries, etc
  • with large pieces of fruit or whole fruit: because you like to find them in your spoons afterwards!
  • in a copper basin, steamed, to preserve our fruit pieces
  • with traditional cane sugar, for a more authentic taste

Which “shape and nutrition” desserts can you offer thanks to the compotes of our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ?

Do you know the historical brand of your jam maker : Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ?

This brand born from our heritage of French Gastronomy offers traditional recipes of jams, compotes, preserves, chocolate powder, teas and also honeys, condiments and preserves.

At the beginning we created this brand for the quality hotels with which we have been working since the 80’s in France and abroad. Then the delicatessens, the cheese shops, and various shops of districts liked the design kraft with the old and the various formats of our mark… They adopted in their turn Les Confitures à l’Ancienne!

Have a look at our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne

For your snacking offers, take-away meals, individual meals in room or hotel breakfasts, you will find a great variety of recipes of old-fashioned compotes, with pieces:

  • Reinette applesauce
  • Provence pear compote
  • peach-mango compote
  • peach-raspberry compote
  • apple and prune compote
  • pear and orange compote

Download the catalog Les Confitures à l’Ancienne

Recipes of authentic, classic or original compotes, to please all your customers concerned by nutrition or simply greedy !

You want to order the compotes Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ?

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