How does your artisanal jam maker create your recipes and source your fruits ?

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Juin 2020

At the time of our creation in 1952, we cooked the fruits of the orchards of the surrounding Yvelines. At the time, cooking the fruits into jams was to be able to preserve them after the harvest seasons, to enjoy their flavors throughout the fall and winter!

Today, most of the orchards in Ile de France have disappeared. We had to look for fruits in other regions of France, in Europe, in the Dom-Tom and for the most exotic ones on the other side of the Earth!

Little by little, Andrésy Confitures developed an expertise in unique sourcing, born from its research of the best fruits for jam during more than 70 years!

Thanks to this expertise, we also know which fruits to associate for recipes of exceptional artisanal jams.

What if we shared with you some of our selection criteria and recipe know-how?

How does your artisanal jam maker source the best fruit for jam?

To choose the best fruits for jam, it is not enough to find a fruit with a delicious taste!

To make a jam, you need to “jam” the fruit, that is to say to boil it with sugar, for the right time (not too short, not too long) so that the osmosis between fruit and sugar is achieved and so to obtain a perfect jamming!

Here are some of our criteria to select the best fruits:

  • the harvest at maturity: for the taste of course, always in first criterion
  • the mode of culture: at Andrésy Confitures, we want well cultivated fruits, which had the time to grow correctly, to develop all their characteristic flavours
  • the conformity to the variety: we look for characteristics of taste, color and natural aspect
  • Suitability for cooking in jams: for fruits that are suitable for jamming, that do not mashed potato or prevent the osmosis of fruits and sugars that is essential for jamming

Did you doubt all these criteria? We include many more criteria in our specifications.

You need fruit sourcing for your jam range or a recipe? Contact one of our experts to entrust your project

The respect of the quality criteria of the fruits by your artisanal jam manufacturer

We know how to source fruit and when you entrust us with a project to create a brand or a unique recipe, we make a commitment!

Did you know that each batch of fruit is tasted, inspected and controlled by our R & D and quality team throughout the year?

To learn more about the details of fruit sourcing at Andrésy Confitures, read your article on our organic fruit sourcing in France

private label jams strawberry

What is the use of our exceptional experience in sourcing for the creation of your recipes ?

Of course we look for the taste, the quality by selecting the best fruits on the best soils, to make jams and preparations of fruits, in majority in France and in Europe.

Thanks to this expertise, we also know how to guide and advise you

  • on the choice of a variety, a soil
  • on a combination of fruits
  • on recipes to have at the bottom of the shelf or in an eventful way in animation

This knowledge of fruits, of the terroirs and our relations with producers, fruit brokers, our mastery of your markets, also allows us to alert you :

  • on the problems linked to the choice of such or such variety or origin
  • on harvesting difficulties
  • on anticipated fruit purchase costs

All the important parameters for your jam range and to keep an optimal customer satisfaction!

You want to know all our know-how of custom-made jam ? Discover our expertise in customization and custom work

Excellence of jams made in france through the association of craftsmanship and industry at Andrésy Confitures

Fruit associations : how your artisanal jam maker answers all your needs of recipes !

You have understood, choosing the right fruits is one of the bases of our job as a manufacturer of artisanal jam and advising you well is for us a duty.

Thanks to this unique expertise, perfectly mastered, we can create different recipes for your brand of jam:

  • Artisanal jams extra, for top sales, inscribed in the French gastronomic tradition
  • Nutritional and wellness recipes, innovative and delicious to meet the modern expectations of your customers, focused on “eating well
  • Creative recipes: thanks to the gustatory associations of different fruits, or the marriage of fruits and other ingredients that bring a distinctive taste to the mouth, such as dried fruits, or complementary flavors with spices and aromatics, fruit juices, etc
  • Animation recipes: for your unique events, or to animate your ranges regularly throughout the year

Do you have a project that requires the expertise of a renowned manufacturer of artisanal jams?

Call on the French expert in custom-made jams!

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