How to customize the making of your homemade jam for an ideal breakfast in the mountains?

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February 2022

The season of the vacation in the mountain is finally arrived. Restaurants, hotels owners and grocery stores, be ready to serve the ideal breakfast of your customers, the greedy and balanced breakfast!

Thanks to Maison Andrésy’s custom-made jams, this winter, you will be able to offer people a real taste experience!

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Breakfast in the mountains: what are the MUST HAVE jams?

Breakfast in the mountains is THE time to get strong for the rest of the day. Ideal for gourmet and balanced breakfasts, Maison Andrésy jams are made in copper basins by your expert jam maker since 1952. 

But did you know that some flavors are more popular with your customers than others?

Maison Andrésy has put together a top 5 list of MUST HAVE jams to make your breakfast in the mountains a success.

– Citrus jam: the winter jam par excellence, sweet and fruity.
– Strawberry jam: the jam for the little ones… and the adults!
– Blueberry jam : the mountain jam par excellence, sought after by your customers to enjoy their stay in the mountains.
– Apricot jam: the jam for those who are nostalgic for summer…
– The milk jam : the jam for those who want to change the jams of the house and find the tradition of the soils

Think also of the eternal honeys, maple syrup and spreads! There is not only jams in indispensable for breakfast!

Find our jams and savory condiments in our catalogs!

We agree: these artisanal jams are pillars of balanced breakfasts, traditions, MUST HAVE.
Why don’t you bring your own touch of originality to them for this new season?


Cuisson bassine de cuivre confitures d'oranges
Confitures d'agrumes les petites parisiennes

How to customize the making of homemade jams?


When the artisanal jams are personalized to your taste, they attract the eye. Your customers, curious, notice them much more. 

Moreover, your enthusiasm to explain them the process of making personalized homemade jams could well make hearts fall for your jams. 


Hotels owners, what can you customize in the making of homemade jam?


Your jams, your choices!

For your beautiful hotels, Maison Andrésy offers you top-of-the-line jams that you can completely customize to your liking!

The small individual jars are perfectly adapted to room services and buffets! And they can be labelled with your own labels!

The large jars are also perfect for buffets!

The production of these homemade jams is entirely in your hands.

Finally, you can offer assortments where you choose the flavors of the jams! Adapt the assortments to the tastes of your customers as well as to the season! Discover all the possible choices of jams in our catalogs.



Grocers, what can you customize in the making of homemade jam?


For your beautiful stores, Maison Andrésy offers you jars in grocery format, in 1kg format as well as gift boxes.


But what can you customize at Maison Andrésy?


You can choose :
– The recipe: which combination of fruits, which spices to add…
– The jar: ribbed, classic, size of the jar
– The cap: color, additional cap…
– The label: logo, color, shape…
– And many other parameters!


To discover all the customization options, contact an expert in your market by clicking here!



So, you can customize everything with Maison Andrésy. Would you like to discover an example of a personalized jam from A to Z between Maison Andrésy and Bleu Blanc Ruche? Discover it in this article.


You can also simply put your logo on our jams: simple and effective with the already excellent Maison Andrésy recipes! 


Take advantage of Maison Andrésy’s know-how and contact an expert in your market to see the feasibility of your project!
Contact an expert.

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