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November 2017

For its Well-being range, jam-maker Andrésy Confitures has created original recipes from a combination of real fruit and superfoods.  What better way to pour its culinary skills into a taste treat and healthy jam for its demanding customers?

In just a few years, the notion of well-being has gone from fad to lifestyle. Whatever their background, circumstances or age, everyone aspires to well-being. To protect themselves from the stress and hassles of everyday life, everyone is looking for ways to live in harmony with themselves and others.

Confitures Bien Être Andrésy

Well-being: here to stay

Today it’s perfectly acceptable to want to feel better, eat better, sleep better, move better, unwind, live in better surroundings and eat natural products.

The concept of well-being is at the root of numerous new professions, industries and practices. Specialised magazines like Happinez, Flow and Body & Spirit attract a large readership, and there are numerous techniques for achieving bodily and spiritual well-being, including sport, mindfulness, positive thinking, happiness, pilates, yoga, feng shui and veganism.

But whatever path people pick, everyone agrees on one point: there is no well-being without a healthy, balanced diet. Take the meteoric rise of organic, for example. According to the French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Agriculture (the “Agence Bio”), the amount of organic food eaten in French homes rose 21.7% between 2015 and 2016. Organic out-of-home food services increased by 5% in the corporate and institutional sector and 10% in the commercial sector.

“Superfoods” from other parts of the globe

Consumers surfing on the trend are getting to know food from all over the world. For over 3,000 years, these plants, fruits or vegetables have been recognised for their many medicinal and nutritional benefits in Egypt, China, South Africa and South America. In the 20th century, products such as aloe vera, goji berries, quinoa, chia seeds, yuzu, matcha tea and coconut water are now being dubbed “superfoods” or “super plants”.

“The well-being touch and the chemistry of taste”

Because of the vitamins and elements they contain (antioxidants, proteins, iron, calcium, fibres, oligo-elements), they are believed to have numerous health benefits. Once rare, they are now grown all over the world and added to a wide variety of recipes, dietary supplements and even cosmetics.

Confiture Poire et Thé Matcha
Confiture Fraise et Baie de Goji
Confiture Abricot et Lait d'Amande
Thé Matcha et confiture de poire

The Well-being range of healthy jam by jam-maker Andrésy Confitures features some novel pairings

Superfoods are naturally at home in Andrésy Confitures’ Well-being range of healthy jam. The recipes have been created by the jam-maker’s R&D Department. It’s a fine art to strike the perfect match between the character of these carefully-chosen ingredients and the fruit. Flaxseed, quinoa and chia seeds go well with the sweetness of yellow fruit; goji seeds are a good match for strawberry; pear goes well with the grassy flavour of matcha tea; aloe vera, with a smoother taste, goes well with fig.

The Trésors de Fruits and Les Petites Parisiennes bio satisfy two of our customers’ needs – a healthy jam and a real fruit jam – at once.

Sitting down at the breakfast table and choosing the day’s flavour – apricot & quinoa, apricot & almond milk, strawberry & goji berry, pear & matcha tea, peach, yuzu and chia seed, coconut & coconut milk, aloe vera, etc. – gets the day off to an enjoyable, peaceful start with a real fruit jam.

Confiture Pêche Yuzu Graine de Chia
Confiture Mangue Jus de grenade

A modern, creative touch
This year, Andrésy was selected to take part in the Innova Food competition for innovation in the food industry.  It has entered its range of organic jams with superfoods, Les Petites Parisiennes. Andrésy’s Well-being recipes are earning mentions in a growing number of food articles. Yet another form of recognition of Andrésy Confitures’ modern, creative touch.

Trésors de Fruits Figue Aloe Vera

With its Well-being range of healthy jams, Andrésy Confitures is turning its expertise to crafting quality products that are not only good to eat but full of natural goodness.

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