The Christmas catalog of Andresy Jam is finally available! Come to discover in preview our special offers Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2021!

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July 2021

Andresy Jam invites you to discover from today its special offer for additional sales and animations of end of the year, through its Christmas catalog.

On the menu of this catalog: novelties, gifts, seasonal recipes and limited edition recipes to satisfy all the desires of impulse or animation of your consumers.

Indeed, your consumers are fond of event sales and the end of year celebrations are the major period for special animations.

Each year, brands, producers and chefs propose and promote new wonders with summer flavors. That’s why your jam maker Andrésy Confiture wishes to accompany you with dignity during this period of the year thanks to its offers to be found in its Christmas catalog.

Let’s discover the festive limited edition or seasonal offers of Andrésy Confitures !

The special Christmas recipes: particularly adapted to the atmosphere of the end of year celebrations

For this Christmas 2021, Andresy Confiture has concocted Christmas jams with seasonal fruits, with two festive packagings to choose according to your tastes and needs.

In this festive period, wood products and citrus fruits are at the heart of the French recipes. That’s why Andresy Confiture has created 2 delicious Christmas jam recipes inspired by these ingredients for your customers:

  • chestnut and clementine jam with a touch of cinnamon
  • Lemon and orange marmalade with Christmas spices.

But that’s not all, for a personalized offer, Andresy Jam offers you to choose the packaging of these Christmas jams in the colors of these holidays:

  • a red packaging, classic and in the Christmas theme
  • a white packaging, soft and in the colors of winter

The whole decorated with touches of snowflakes to stay in the Christmas spirit!

Avent calendar with 24 jam recipes by Andresy Confitures

Our advent calendar, ideal for varied and gourmet breakfasts.

To offer a unique experience to your customers, choose our jam advent calendar!

It’s a unique and fun way to introduce gourmet flavors that are suitable for the whole family.

Our Advent calendar of jams consists of 24 mini jars of 28g of traditional jams, and honeys, under the brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne. This offer is unusual and allows to put the importance back on the toasts of the breakfast thanks to the discovery of new jam recipes every morning. A nice way to reinvent the convivial moment of breakfast?

It’s an original and gourmet gift. So don’t delay and think about ordering it today!

Seasonal recipes, to accompany the end of year meals

To complete its Christmas catalog, Andresy Confiture offers seasonal recipes to enhance the different Christmas recipes and dishes.

Did you know that Andresy Confiture was able to offer you a wide choice of requests :

  • jams with seasonal fruits: citrus fruits, such as clementines from Corsica for example, chestnuts, figs, etc
  • fruit preparations to accompany cheeses
  • jams and different types of wine jellies
Excellence of jams made in france through the association of craftsmanship and industry at Andrésy Confitures

Discover our confits and recipes to accompany cheese platters, which are often very tidy for the end of year celebrations

France is known worldwide for the quality and variety of its cheeses. Did you know that each region associates its cheeses with the fruits of its soil?

Andrésy Confiture has understood this and offers you confits and recipes to enhance these platters. These recipes are special: rich in fruits, not very sweet and the choice is very varied:

  • fig confit,
  • onion confit,
  • fig with nuts,
  • cherry with Espelette pepper.

And much more, all to be discovered in our Christmas catalog!

Excellence of jams made in france through the association of craftsmanship and industry at Andrésy Confitures
Excellence of jams made in france through the association of craftsmanship and industry at Andrésy Confitures

The gift boxes, perfect to end the year in beauty.

To close our Christmas catalog, we propose you the gift boxes of Andrésy Confiture.

You will find two types of boxes of our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne :

  • the first is a box of 5 jars of 28 grams, consisting of gourmet recipes ideal for breakfast.
  • the second is an elegant transparent box of 3 jars of jams, in 46g format, composed of the 3 major recipes of jams and wine jellies consumed during the holidays.

These gift ideas are ideal to animate your sales or to answer the requests of gift packages, corporate gifts, or event offers.

How to order Christmas recipes and gift offers from the 2021 Christmas catalog ?

All our recipes and our different formats are available to order from today.

Download the catalog to have all the flavors of seasonal jams, the advent calendar, special Christmas recipes, jams and recipes for cheese.

The contact information of our sales team is indicated on the catalog or on our website.

You can place an order today (or whenever you want) and indicate a desired delivery date.

Do you want to anticipate and secure your 2021 Christmas offers ?

It’s up to you!

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