What do you need to guarantee your customers that your jam brand and your jam maker in France answer food safety questions related to COVID-19?

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September 2020

Faced with specific concerns related to COVID-19, how can your jam manufacturer in France reassure your consumers and give confidence in your private label jam ?

At the end of 2018, we were told that food safety was a major concern for 61% of consumers (source www.enzynov.fr) who wondered about packaging and ingredients. Today with the health crisis and the upheaval in our consumption habits, your customers are asking new questions about the link between their food and the virus.

Your brand, like your jam maker in France, must respond clearly and simply.

What are the new concerns of consumers in the face of the health crisis and how can your jam producer meet them?

What concerns drive your consumers to which your jam maker in France must respond?

“Can I get COVID-19 from my food? “,” How can I be sure that my food is safe to eat? “,” Can the virus grow and survive on my food? “,” What measures are put in place by producers? “,” How do the regulatory bodies verify the effectiveness of the measures taken? “, Etc

These examples of frequently asked questions to FAO also represent the concerns of your customers in your country and all over the world.

Your jam producer must provide you with the information and actions taken that will reassure your customers. Building trust in your brand is a major issue.

IFS food v6

What are the points of vigilance when you have your own private label jam?

Having your jam made in private label has always engaged the responsibility of the brand and the jam producer chosen towards consumers.

Your private label jam must represent the values ​​and commitments of your brand. Today it must also provide guarantees of food security.

Agri-food quality control systems identify the points of vigilance to be checked. These “critical points” vary according to the types of products, packaging and tools used.

In the food industry, different reliable quality system or standards exist, including the best known and used:

  • ISO 9001
  • HACCP system
  • BRC FOOD (Anglo-Saxon system)

Your jam maker in France must have an active, up-to-date and of course applied and controlled quality system. Thanks to the management of this system, your jam producer will be able to provide you with all the actions and controls undertaken to reassure your customers.

Andrésy Confitures quality team

What is Andrésy Confitures putting in place to guarantee the production of your private label jam?

As an expert in private label jam, it is essential for Andrésy Confitures to guarantee the quality of its productions as well as the food safety of consumers of brands that trust it.

Andrésy Confitures has built its custom jam production around the HACCP standard first, then IFS FOOD since 2012

Your jam manufacturer in France has chosen the IFS standard because it is international and very comprehensive, focused on continuous improvement of quality and processes:

  • 289 items checked at each audit
  • FOOD DEFENSE to secure production, for example against health risks such as malicious acts or sabotage
  • Training all employees : on an ongoing basis or to face a new danger such as the health crisis we are experiencing
  • Traceability of purchases of ingredients or packaging, of deliveries
  • Management and permanent control of critical production points
  • Recording of controls and data
  • Quality management team of 10% of the total workforce
  • Management commitments

To successfully pass the IFS audits each year, Andrésy Confitures has chosen to re-invest part of its profits to improve its quality management and its productions, by following avenues for improving its quality benchmark.

Enough to answer all of your consumers’ questions, because no point of vigilance is left without supervision!

Do you have questions about the quality and food safety management of your private label jam ?

Do you want to entrust your custom jam to a reliable and trusted jam maker in France?

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