SIRHA of Lyon: return on the food and gastronomic trends observed by Andrésy Confitures, your French expert jam maker

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November 2021

At the beginning of September, Andrésy Confitures was at the SIRHA in Lyon, an appointment awaited as well by the brands as by the chefs, restaurant owners and hoteliers to launch the new season. What a pleasure to have met you there and presented our ranges!

This show was an opportunity to exchange information on the food trends sought by the customers of your beautiful hotels. The numerous stands and presentations of ranges also allowed to discover or confirm gastronomic expectations.

You couldn’t make it to SIRHA? You were too busy on your stand to do a trend tour? The Andrésy Confitures teams did it for you!

To be noted this year: a focus on essentials rather than new food trends

At this year’s SIRHA in Lyon, chefs, restaurateurs and brands have refocused on their core businesses, with no special new flagship food trend emerging.

However, we have seen: 

  • A priority given to the welcome and conviviality: there were few if any flamboyant and excessive stands. 
  • A refocusing on authentic recipes, so much in demand by consumers during the crisis: few new recipes, new formats, new tastes. 
  • An environmental aspect that is integrated into the recipes rather than emphasized. 

Our teams have noticed a real return to the essentials, a refocusing on timeless, basic products, which have been very popular with consumers in recent months.

This can be explained very well by the uncertain and complicated times of this past year, which created, in many consumers, a need for comfort and reassurance with the desire to eat local, authentic, classic and simple. 

What food trends did we hear at SIRHA from professionals in their relations with their producer partners? 

Here are the trends in what professionals expect from their partners, producers and brands, in order to succeed in the recovery and resume successful operations: 

The search for know-how: 

Hotel and restaurant owners are always looking for know-how because it is felt in the products, the same products that consumers will taste and especially recommend to other consumers and professionals. It is therefore important this year to show your mastery of your product, of your know-how. 

The search for French products: 

Consumers and professionals want Made In France, products made in France because French manufacturing is a guarantee of know-how and gastronomic tradition. These complicated times have pushed us all to buy products closer to home and some have rediscovered French know-how. In the same way, the French origin of the ingredients used in the composition of the products is a guarantee of quality and confidence. This French origin, more expensive, is therefore widely requested at this edition of SIRHA in Lyon.

Finding reliable and adaptable suppliers: 

The French manufacture is especially a guarantee of easy supply. 

However, if there is one rule that we have learned from this health crisis, dear hoteliers and restaurant owners, it is this: the proximity and reactivity of suppliers is crucial. Indeed, this year we needed suppliers who were close in distance, available and adaptable to your needs, and even suppliers with online services to continue to collaborate with them, even remotely. 

Etiquetage pot de confiture

Renewed food trends: more attention paid to healthy gastronomy 

Among the major gastronomic trends of this edition, we have also noticed a particular attention to healthy gastronomy, to healthy recipes and products. This can be seen in the requests of the recipes but also in the packaging, which breathes fresh products and joy.

Organic agriculture products are always better considered, more in demand. 

There is also a demand for more balanced, lighter breakfasts, with foods that are good for the body, such as probiotics for example. 

To summarize: 

  • The recipes of products to fill up with vitamins, to detoxify the body, have the wind in their sails this year. A food trend that we have been sensing for a few editions now. 
  • Vegetarian and diet-friendly recipes, such as vegetarianism and veganism, are also on the rise. One can be a gourmet but not want to eat products from animal exploitation. 
  • Recipes compatible with diets without pork (kosher, halal) can also be interesting for the conquest of international markets or markets oriented to these products.

Do your guests need luxury jams with classic tastes to go back to basics? Andrésy Confitures is there to help you to answer these food trends 

It is for all the amateurs of classic tastes in the luxury jams that we have for a long time, at Andrésy Confitures, an old range with all the timeless jams, those which do not take a wrinkle and which are always very required by your customers. A demand exacerbated by the pandemic and which thus becomes essential for you, hotels, stores and restaurants. 

In this range you can find : 

  • Jams with apricot, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry…
  • Compotes like at home
  • Honeys
  • Salty condiments 
  • And much more by downloading our catalog of old fashioned jams.

You wish a supplier available, reliable and able to adapt to the context but also to your company? Turn to Andrésy Confitures.

Contact us by phone or email: we are always at your disposal!

To contact our sales team by email : Click here

To call us : +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55

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