Committing to supporting the United Nations Global Compact in a CSR approach requires working for universal values. Discover the concrete actions implemented by your artisanal jam maker!

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August 2020

Find out about the concrete actions taken in its CSR approach by your artisanal jam maker to support the United Nations Pact!

Did you know that Andrésy Confitures has been committed to supporting the United Nations Global Compact since autumn 2019?

Producing high-end jams requires a strong link with Nature. Supporting biodiversity preserves the richness and diversity of high-end jam recipes cooked in the copper cauldrons of your french jams expert !

To live up to its commitments, Andrésy Confitures publishes a “Communication on Progress” which describes the actions that the producer of artisanal jams is implementing.

We invite you to discover them in your turn through these extracts from the official declaration document of the French high-end jam expert!


What your artisanal jam maker is doing to support Human Rights :

“- We have a human and managerial responsibility. We recruit mostly local staff and we are making investments to improve working conditions.

We have worked on reducing noise pollution outside the factory, by limiting the hours of truck access to the premises. “

We fight against poverty by redistributing unsold or unused food products to associative actors. “

Fruits divers pour les confitures

How does the expert in high-end French jams follow international labor standards?

“- We respect minimum wage standards.

We ensure professional and salary equality between men and women.

We ensure that employment decisions are based on relevant or objective criteria.

We work with partners for the recruitment of people in the process of reintegration. “


What actions are Andrésy Confitures taking as part of the CSR approach for environmental protection?

“- We are committed to an ISO 14001 certification process. The decision to implement ISO 14001 required an environmental diagnosis. This diagnosis served as the basis for the definition of an environmental policy with the definition of the lines of work.

We control our energy and water consumption: an energy diagnosis was carried out in 2017 to help define areas for improvement.

We integrate renewable energies: in 2012, Andrésy was the first company in the region to be equipped with solar panels and a photovoltaic generator.

The majority of our supplies are made in a short circuit: 75% of the fruits purchased come from France.

We optimize waste management:

All of our waste is sorted at source and recovered: paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood from the activity.

Acquisition of a cardboard press and partnership with recycling companies. “


What is your French artisanal jam maker doing to fight corruption?

“- Responsible purchasing with the defense of biodiversity and the land: quality of fruit and eco-responsible producers.

Our Purchasing Charter, signed by partners and suppliers, commits them to:

Comply with applicable regulations and rights

Respect the confidentiality of information and documents entrusted

Implement a continuous improvement process to meet our requirements in terms of quality and the environment.

Avoid conflicts of interest “

Andrésy Confitures’ “Communication on Progress” shows you that your expert in high-end French jams is committed to a CSR approach with concrete actions for strong universal values ​​in favor of people and the environment !

Is choosing an artisanal jam maker partner with strong values ​​important to you?

Entrust us with your jam brand projects!

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