French jam aboard the Orient Express for a sophisticated and luxurious breakfast Made in France

by | Art of Confiture


November 2019

What do Leopold II of Belgium, Marlene Dietrich, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Jean Gabin, Mata Hari, Laurence of Arabia, Agatha Christie, Gabrielle Chanel, James Bond, Professor Van Helsing and Tolstoy all have in common?

 This legendary train, designed in the 1880s by Georges Lambert Nagelmakers, is a lavish blend of American sleeping cars and lounge carriages that has withstood several wars and still crosses multiple borders, connecting the West to the East!


Whether you are travelling Paris-Venice in 2 days or Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul in 6 days and 5 nights, aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, “luxury” is the watchword for everything whilst you eat, sleep and take in the breath-taking views.
And what could top French jam as part of a luxurious breakfast? The Orient Express is keenly aware of this and, like the most stunning luxury hotels, offers jams that are Made in France by the one and only manufacturer of home-made jam: Andrésy Confitures.

Since its first journey in 1883, the Orient Express has attracted and welcomed royalty, writers, music hall entertainers and film personalities, historical events, filmmakers, scientists and great philosophers… A world of fantasy surrounding famous coaches lives on: Étoile du Nord, Taurus, Anatolie, Flèche d’Or, Riviera, Train bleu, and Côte d’azur.
Many of us consider the Orient Express to be a luxury hotel on wheels, a symbol of luxury and mystery in the world of travel.
The train is made up of coaches for staff, sleeping cars, lounge cars, a bar car and dining cars. The vintage interior is immaculate, as are the service and dishes on offer.

Breakfast, tea time and snacks are served in the legendary train’s lounge cars and bar car.
It is only natural that French jams have been chosen for these sophisticated gourmet treats. Food that is Made in France is famous throughout the world for its high-quality standards and creativity.

To satisfy all the tastes and expectations of its exacting guests, the Orient Express has selected outstanding recipes from the manufacturer of home-made jam, Andrésy Confitures.
With 65% of fruit cooked in its copper pans, and only 48% of sugars measured at the end of cooking, Andrésy’s French jam recipes meet travellers’ expectations: gently-cooked, perfectly-set jams to retain as much as possible the flavour of ripe fruit.

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