Why does our French jam brand Andrésy Origines commit itself to a demanding sourcing of fruits ?

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Juin 2020

Jam maker since 1952 in Ile de France, we are anchored in our territory and we work with farmers and arboriculturists of France to select the best fruits for jam on the best soils. We also look for terroirs in Europe, in the Dom Tom and sometimes further away for fruits that do not grow in France.

We are also very close to our French hotel customers and very attentive to their needs. A few years ago, we created a jam brand for them based on this unique sourcing know-how: Andrésy Origines.

Curious to know what kind of commitment and value Andrésy Origines offers you thanks to our fruit sourcing?

Do you know the commitments of sourcing fruits taken by our French brand of jam Andrésy Origines?

At Andrésy Confitures, sourcing is a major expertise, acquired during more than 70 years of experience in the service of French chefs and brands. It is Gérard Cassan who started the relations of proximity with the French and European fruit producers in 1975. For the past 6 years, he has passed on his expertise and commitments to his daughter Julia, who is now the CEO of the family jam factory.

The commitments in sourcing of Andrésy Confitures are strong:

  • Excellence of the tastes, with criteria fixed by technical cards and specifications
  • Requirement of the respect of the specifications at each harvest and each entry of fruits in the jam factory
  • Choice of the best varieties and origins of the fruits for the jam: it is necessary to know that a fruit which you find excellent in tasting is not necessarily the best after cooking and the confisage required to make jam. The fruits for jam need other qualities. This is where our sourcing expertise comes in!

Did you know that Andrésy Origines also offers other essential breakfast products?

Honeys, maple syrup, spreads and condiments for those who love salty foods in the morning!

To find out more about how our Andrésy Origines French jam brand matches the expectations of your consumers, read our blog article on breakfast

private label jams strawberry

How does our exceptional fruit sourcing know-how express itself in our Andrésy Origines French jam brand ?

Do you know our prestige brand Andrésy Origines?

Created to meet the requirements of 5* hotels and palaces around the world, Andrésy Origines offers fruit varieties and origins selected for their outstanding taste characteristics.

  • regional fruits
  • fruits typical of a country
  • varieties with remarkable taste

To bring out the best in these exceptional fruits, Andrésy Origines’ recipes develop a balance of fruits and sugars that is perfectly adapted to the demands of consumers who are looking for good, healthy products that respect nutrition.

Confiture Andrésy Origines Figues

What exceptional fruits does the Andrésy Origines French brand of jam offer you?

As you know, in order to meet your customers’ needs, a jam brand must offer the great classics that everyone wants and also original products that make it unique.

For Andrésy Origines, we have invested all our know-how in sourcing each fruit!

Each choice made by Andrésy Confitures guarantees you an exceptional gustatory result:

  • Thanks to special varieties: Willamette raspberry, Seville orange, wild blueberry, Senga strawberry, etc
  • Thanks to cultivation areas: blackcurrant from Ile de France, rhubarb from Nord Pas de Calais, quetsche and mirabelle plum from Lorraine, clementine from Corsica, etc

Want to know all the fruits selected for our prestige range? Download the catalog here.

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Organic fruits for our French jam brand Andrésy Origines ?

We couldn’t pass up a selection of organically grown fruits!

Organic corresponds to the consumers’ expectations

You want to discover the organic range ? Discover its diversity here

Encouraging an agriculture respectful of the biodiversity is part of the commitments of Andrésy Confitures.

Read our blog article on the organic range

Convinced by our expertise in sourcing is the proximity of our ranges with your needs and the values of your establishment?

Contact us and we will establish the best assortment to satisfy your demanding customers!

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