How to import French jam for your international customers? Discover the company Bevanar which imports the ranges of Maison Andresy for the most beautiful Swiss hotels!

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March 2022


Are you looking for products made in France for your customers’ breakfast, whether they are grocers, hoteliers or restaurant owners? Do you want both sweet and savory products?

Discover in this article the company Bevanar, a wholesaler specialized in pastries, based in Switzerland. Bevanar has trusted Maison Andresy for many years to import its French jam and many other delicacies!

Bevanar is a Swiss family business, created by Mrs. Armengol, in 1969, in Geneva. At the beginning the company was in the design of candy boxes and wedding articles. Over the years, Bevanar has specialized in high-end baking aids and premium grocery products at the request of its customers.

Discover how to easily import French jam with Xavier FAVRE, Category Manager, who was kind enough to give us an interview about his work as an importer-salesman.

Organic Jam

Xavier FAVRE, according to Bevanar’s experience, which French jams should Maison Andresy import for any international wholesaler?  

XF: «  We have a large choice of Maison Andresy products (more than 60 products!) but the ones that are the most requested by our customers are the same in Switzerland as in France.

We find :
– Strawberry
– Apricot
– Cherry
– Raspberry
– Bitter orange
– Blueberry
– The jam 4 red fruits

Some French jams are more seasonal than others but the fig jam is also widely popular! »


What ranges of French jam do you offer to your customers?

XF: « We have the different ranges of Maison Andresy French jams in individual jars, as well as grocery store formats for supermarkets, and 1 kilo formats for Swiss chocolate and pastry laboratories! 

The small formats are perfect for the high-end hotel industry, as much for salty condiments (Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard), as for honeys, chocolate powder, maple syrup and of course jams!

For jams, at Bevanar we have mainly :
– The Origins range, for all hoteliers
– The Allégées range, for the reasonable gourmets
– The Ancienne range, for larger volumes

We are also interested in Maison Andresy’s organic range for our Swiss customers, as we have observed this trend in the gastronomy sector in recent years. Bevanar already offers other organic food products, so why not have jam too? »

You can find all the information about our organic range by clicking here or discover all our ranges here.


expertise fruits | Fabricant de Confitures

Your partnership with Maison Andresy has been going on for many years, how do you explain that?


XF: “Indeed, this partnership has lasted for 20 years!

I would say that this collaboration is based on :
– The know-how of Maison Andresy, which is the guarantee of a jam of an exceptional and perennial quality.

– The traditional elaboration in the copper basin with the soft cooking in the steam, which is also a guarantee of quality.

– The recognition and the notoriety of the French jams of Maison Andresy in the hotel-restaurant environment but also in the great distribution, in the bakeries, in the laboratories of pastry making. This recognition reassures all our customers. »


You also work on custom-made products with Maison Andresy. Why do you offer custom-made French jams to your prestigious clients?



XF: « It is a desire to stand out as a wholesaler and to help our customers stand out as well. A jam with the effigy of a beautiful hotel is a delicate distinction for travelers. You almost want to leave with it!

Since 2020, with the uncertainty of people coming to our clients’ hotels, it is true that we have fewer custom jams than in the past. But we always receive new requests for customization and each time Maison Andresy knows how to best respond! Our clients and we are perfectly accompanied by the Maison Andresy teams. »


Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

How does Maison Andresy facilitate the importation of its French and artisanal jams?


XF: « Our orders are placed automatically by our information system by e-mail.

Maison Andresy then validates the order, carries out a retroplanning and then validates it together.

After our orders are sent, they are received by our logistics platform.

Located in Chalamont, in the Ain region, it receives our French and European suppliers before sending the products to us in Switzerland!

This system works well for Bevanar and allows us to save on import costs. This is our main issue as a wholesaler based in Switzerland. »


So you have an automatic ordering system with Maison Andresy? Why this choice?



XF: « It is easier for us. With more than 500 sweet and salty, frozen and dry products, we need simplicity first! »


Thank you to Xavier FAVRE and Bevanar for this exclusive interview on the importation of French jams in Switzerland. 


Maison Andresy puts several means at your disposal to facilitate your orders!
We also accompany you step by step in all the steps.
Contact our experts to learn more.

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