Discover the actions carried out by Andrésy Confitures to make French jam that meets your social and environmental requirements!

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August 2020

What actions have Andrésy Confitures been carried out as part of its CSR approach for responsible and committed French jam?

You have a lot of demands on your French jam maker : taste quality of course, and also responsibility in purchasing fruit or packaging, social behavior and environmental impact… You are right to ask for the best in all areas!

Andrésy Confitures knows the responsibilities and requirements of the major French or international brands which entrust it with the manufacture of their premium jam.

Crafting high-end French jam since 1952 requires strong commitments to Nature, its employees and its customers.

Discover with these excerpts from Communication for Progress, how Andrésy Confitures brings its CSR approach to life on a daily basis!


What actions to limit its environmental impacts are carried out by your French jam manufacturer?

Here is what Andrésy Confitures and its teams do every day:

  • “We contribute to the development of renewable energies to the tune of 12% of our electricity consumption and thus we reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • On our production site, 100% of the waste: cardboard and paper, glass, metal and plastic is recycled.
  • Following the purchase of the cardboard press, we recorded a reduction of 40% on the transport of this type of waste, thus reducing our CO2 emissions.
  • Electricity and gas consumption: In 2018 and 2019, replacement of several machines by others that consume less energy as well as the optimization of steam production. Reduction in gas consumption thanks to thermal insulation of pipes carrying steam. “

Andrésy Confitures is also committed to socially responsible actions :

  • “The male / female parity is 40.35% of men for 56.65% of women.
  • We assess 100% of our staff every year.
  • Andrésy also calls on the work of the ESATs, APFs and Remand Centers on multiple service cases and throughout the year.
  • Partnership with ESB Espérance (Chanteloup-les-Vignes) for professional reintegration.
  • In 2018 and 2019, we redistributed 180,000 jars of jams to the “Restos du Cœur”

How can you confirm that all these actions carried out by your French jam maker are effective?

“We measure concretely the actions carried out through the independent rating body Ecovadis. Andrésy Confitures is in the top 30% of the best evaluated suppliers in the “Processing and preservation of Fruits and Vegetables” category.

In 2019, for his 1st year of declaration, Andrésy Confitures obtained the silver medal. A great success for its CSR approach !

Declaring that we are committed to a more just and respectful world is a first step. Acting on a daily basis as Andrésy Confitures does is yet another challenge! Since 1952, making top-of-the-range French jam for hotels, starred chefs and major brands is an honor and a responsibility. We work every day to meet all your requirements!

If you want a partner who respects and follows your social and environmental commitments, choose Andrésy Confitures!

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