What value to give to the proximity that it is geographical, ethical or engaged for the co-creation ? Your French producer of organic jam makes the turn of the question for you!

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June 2020

The question of local has been agitating the planet for the last year even more than before! The local declines for the consumers: source local, produce local, consume local…

Consumers seem to want to change their consumption patterns by buying products grown and manufactured close to home, in their country, even if it means paying more.

Buying local: what does this mean in concrete terms for your consumers and what does it imply for your brand in terms of commitments, communication and even changes?

Local: what are all the impactful aspects for your customers?

Buying from local producers, promoting direct sales to producers, even relocating activities… we have never talked as much about local as we have in the last few months!

What exactly does this mean for your brand and your customers?

Local as an expression of a strong need for proximity

Since your customers are looking for “local producers” and want to “buy local”, they are rediscovering the companies, craftsmen and farmers of their region or country. Because buying local is not only the expression of a need for geographical proximity!

Your customers are also looking for  :

  • a proximity of values,
  • a proximity of commitments
  • and a proximity of vision of the future.

Buying directly from producers seems to be a request for a link, for trust, for civic and ecological responsibility.

Choosing products from a local producer: what expectations do your customers express?

For consumers, buying local is a thoughtful and often meaningful act!

Here is what your customers are looking for according to Manger Local :

  • Knowing where the food comes from
  • Knowing how it is produced
  • Promote quality and taste
  • Valorize the know-how of a country or a region
  • Maintain the social fabric and the economy of your country or region
  • To control one’s budget
  • Have a political impact
  • Act daily to avoid energy waste and pollution

Do you want to review your brand based on these axes? Call us at +33 139 751 455

Logo EPV
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Did you know that we display our proximity to values and commitments through our labels?


  • EPV: for our know-how respecting the French gastronomic tradition
  • Collège Culinaire de France: for the quality and excellence of our recipes
  • Producteurs d’Ile de France: to mark our attachment to our historical local territory
  • ECOVADIS Gold Medal: for our commitment to society and the environment
  • IFS FOOD : for our respect for consumer food safety and the traceability of our ingredients

You want to benefit from our expertise and create a recipe or a whole range of jams?

Contact our custom-made expert

Petits pots de confiture Andrésy origines

Why choose a french jam brand to carry your values and meet the expectations of proximity of your consumers?

All the expertise, commitments and labels that we proudly bear serve to enhance our jam brands so that your customers find what they expect from a good French product!

Do you know Andrésy Origines and its version in grocery stores or organic recipes: Andrésy Gourmet?

This latest addition to our brands is perfectly in line with consumers’ expectations of a local jam:

  • With its classic fruits selected mostly in France, in the region, for their gustative qualities in jam
  • With its organic European fruits for the most part, all from Ecocert certified regions
  • Thanks to its recipes of excellence, resulting from our know-how and expertise
  • Produced exclusively in France, in the traditional way in copper basins

Discover the Andrésy Origines brand

Did you know that the unique shape of the individual jar was designed by Gérard Cassan, the second generation to manage our family jam factory?

He wanted this prestigious brand to be different right from the touch of the jar and was inspired by Greek Doric columns to mark its elegance.

Download the Andrésy Origines and Andrésy Gourmet catalog.

You want to offer French local products to your customers, at breakfast in hotels, or in your stores and grocery stores?

Just choose Andrésy Confitures: jam maker in France in the Yvelines since 1952!

Whether it is for a co-creation of recipe or range, or by choosing our brand Andrésy Origines, we guarantee you all the advantages and commitments of the proximity of a local producer!

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