Understand the extra high quality French jams : all the criteria to take into account to choose well !

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August 2021

The French extra high quality jam : what the legislation says

  • The jam is formed of a mixture of pulp and/or puree of fruits of one or several species and sugars. It is necessary in a general way a minimum of 35g of fruits for 100g of finished product for the jams of entry of range.
  • The high quality jam known as “extra” contain more than 50% of fruits.
  • To have the right of mark ” jam ” on the label, it is necessary 55% of sugars measured after cooking (that present in the fruit + the sugar added to cooking).
  • The low sugar jams contain 30% less sugar than the market reference (the most sold). In France, they have between 42 and 45% of sugar measured after cooking.
  • The jelly does not legally contain any fruit pulp. It is made by cooking fruit juice and/or aqueous extract and sugars and must also contain at least 35 g of fruit per 100 g
  • The appellation marmalade is reserved by law to preparations based on citrus fruits. The marmalades (of citrus fruits) contain water, sugars and one or more components coming from citrus fruits: pulp, puree, juice, peel. The fruit content cannot be less than 20 g per 100 g.

The French extra high quality jam: what the consumers expect

Did you know that consumers’ expectations of premium jam vary from one culture to another?

In Eastern Europe, the jam is thick like a paste but without sugar. In England and the United States, the jam is cooked longer, to obtain a higher concentration of sugars. The Spanish “mermelada” contains only 30% fruit. Japan or Asia have no jam regulations. While Western Europe, which holds the first place in the world for the consumption of jam, has legislation that defines the minimum fruit content and maximum sugar content.

The top-of-the-range French jam became an international standard of quality, worked by many chefs and craftsmen of reputation, of which Andrésy Confitures.

Did you know that Andrésy Confitures is labellazed :

  • Living Heritage Company, for its know-how and expertise
  • Artisan and Producer of quality, in the Culinary College of France, for the quality of its recipes
  • chosen by a majority of quality hotel establishments in France and abroad

So what is so special about Andrésy Confitures’ top-of-the-range artisanal jams?

Cuisson en Bassine de Cuivron Andrésy Confitures

The extra high quality jams of Andrésy Confitures : the manufacturing secrets of your French jam maker

At Andrésy Confitures we developed with the wire of our history and the partnerships with the chefs, marks of prestige and beautiful establishments, a method of soft cooking, with the vapor which allies respect for the tradition and observation of the gastronomic tendencies.

We have at heart to make an up-market jam rich in taste, from ripe fruits, candied with cane sugar, in a copper cauldron and especially very balanced in flavors and flexible, easy to spread on the bread without being liquid.

Since 1952, date of our beginnings, we have perfected our cooking of top-of-the-range artisanal jams:

  • sourcing the best fruits from the best regions
  • gentle cooking in copper basins, in small quantities, with steam
  • a respectful way of mixing our ingredients
  • tools adaptable to your needs, quantities and formats
  • a rigorous quality control from the arrival of the ingredients to the departure of the small jars of jams

Want to know more?

Discover how we combine tradition and modernity.

It is true that our family business is distinguished by this marriage of artisanal expertise and spirit of adventure and innovation to constantly evolve our recipes!

To take advantage of all these manufacturing secrets and our expertise in the cooking of high quality French jams,

contact us!

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