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November 2018

Andrésy Confitures, which supplies jam to the hotel trade, has a range of traditional and original recipes. To meet the trend for increased honey and maple syrup consumption, Andrésy is expanding its range to include two outstanding guilty products.

Honey from your hotel jam supplier

Increased honey consumption can be attributed to two trends. Firstly, there is the move towards healthy eating and making better food choices. Honey is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Secondly, consumers like to enjoy products whose rarity value gives them a certain cachet. Demand now outstrips supply, and France consumes 40,000 tonnes per year of the 1.9 million tonnes eaten worldwide.

Pollution, and other factors have reduced honey yields. Bees no longer have enough flowers from which to gather pollen. Beekeeping is expanding and local authorities and businesses are now setting up hives to protect bees and their honey. There are now more bees in towns than in the countryside, with new hives appearing on Paris rooftops and in hotel gardens, for example. From an environmental perspective, pesticide use is being restricted in the countryside to avoid harming bees.

There are different types of honey available in a wide range of textures, colours and tastes. The honey produced by bees varies depending on the type of pollen they gather.

Andrésy Confitures is also keen to align itself with this trend and now offers premium honey to meet tastes and requirements worldwide. Your hotel jam supplier is adding Acacia flower honey, wildflower honey and creamed honey to its range.

«Transcending natural flavours for an unforgettable taste experience. »

Andrésy Confitures maple syrup

In addition to condiments, jams and honey, Andrésy also offers maple syrup. The rise in the consumption of maple syrup is primarily an American trend which has had a significant impact on Europe.

Just 70,000 tonnes of maple syrup were produced in the spring of 2017 in Quebec. However, there is also a lot of syrup flavoured with glucose or molasses on the market. Genuine maple syrup is relatively scarce!

Andrésy Confitures offers an exceptional product for your hotels to serve with buffets, room service and breakfast, on pancakes, or as an afternoon treat with crêpes.

As ever, Andrésy never compromises on quality and imports its maple syrup directly from Canada. As your hotel jam supplier, we then prepare and adapt it for your high-end establishments and delicatessens in large and small format glass jars.

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