Palaces and beautiful hotels by the sea: are you ready for the return of French and foreign clients?

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April 2022


It is almost time for your palaces and hotels by the sea to reopen for the summer season!


Some of your beautiful hotels are open exclusively for this season by the sea. It’s a perfect season to welcome French and international travelers to your hotels.


But are you ready for the challenges of this summer?

How intensely will guests return to your hotels?
How can you offer them an original and seasonal menu?
How to show them the excellence of your hotel in your restaurant?


Discover in this article how Maison Andresy is adapting to help you meet the challenges of this summer!

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

Dear hotels by the sea, are you ready for the mass return of French and foreign customers? 



Since March 13, 2022, travelers from all continents can move freely in France.
This is wonderful news that you, the hoteliers, have welcomed with great hope! We hope that travelers are booking in your hotels, restaurants and spas at lightning speed for this summer!

We can rightly ask ourselves if, frustrated by the difficulties of travelling over the last two years, travelers might not be even more demanding than usual?

We know that your departments do everything possible to make a good impression on your American, Asian, European and even African clients. With us, it is the same: our teams are mobilized to serve you better!

expertise fruits | Fabricant de Confitures

How to easily create original cards for the reopening of your hotels by the sea ?


To meet the demands of this summer, have your catering teams planned to be creative? Or simply to offer a choice that meets the requirements of your customers?
Our jams, our savory condiments but also our honeys, our compotes, can certainly inspire you for your hotel and restaurant menu!

Would you like to see the variety of our recipes and formats?
Download the Origins catalog !

Breakfast by the sea

Your teams know it well: breakfast can be a buffet, room service or brunch, for late risers or gourmands, the new trend for a few years now.

Breakfast can also be either savory or sweet, or both!

It is recognized that having a choice is one of the expected pleasures at breakfast in palaces and fine establishments.

In any case, salty condiments or small individual jars of jams or compotes are excellent original complements to your breakfasts.

To season or to savor for a long time on a slice of bread, our products are perfectly adapted to all types of breakfast:
– French style thanks to our traditional jams and our French recipes of condiments
-Continental thanks to the variety of recipes: extra jams, compotes, honeys, maple syrup, mayonnaise, mustards and ketchup

Nothing could be more original than offering peach-raspberry compote in an exceptional 65g format at your hotel buffet!

Order everything you need for your breakfast offer right away !

Desserts for meals by the sea : why not toppings and side dishes in individual jars?

Desserts for lunches and dinners at your beautiful hotels by the sea may also require Maison Andresy jams for more surprise!

We think in particular of jams in topping on the cakes of your restaurant (strawberry jams, raspberry jams…) or on a cheese platter to enjoy all the flavors at best!

Here again, our products are adapted to your menu:
– Dessert offer on the terrace
– Four-hour gourmet menu at the bar or in your brasserie
– Sweet room service

The little pleasures by the sea : Maison Andresy also accompanies you!

Small pleasures outside of traditional meals, the Spanish bocadillo, the French snack, the English tea-time… are to be considered in their own right!

Young and old, foreigners and locals, meet and exchange more easily around a drink and a sweet treat!

All your pancakes, waffles, sweet breads… need apricot jam, raspberry jam or honey…

Think also for your seaside hotels about aperitifs which are perfect to share with friends for your customers!
– A charcuterie platter with cheeses is good.
– A charcuterie platter with cheese and jam is better!

Click here to discover our selection of jams for cheese.

Logo d'expertises

The excellence of your palaces and hotels by the sea requires the excellence of Maison Andresy’s recipes!

At Maison Andresy, we have been serving the finest French establishments since the 1960s and quality international hotels since the 1980s, thanks to our individual pots.

We are aware of the high standards you set for your services.

By choosing Maison Andresy, you will benefit from :
– A demanding fruit sourcing to obtain the best extra jams
– A traditional manufacturing of jams in the traditional copper basin which allows by its shape, its material and its soft cooking with the vapor, to guarantee a homogeneity in the cooking of your jam!
– The know-how of Maison Andresy is officially recognized as :

     – Living Heritage Company, by the French Ministry of Agriculture, for its know-how and expertise
     – Quality craftsman and producer, by the French Culinary College, for the quality of its recipes
– Recognition by the choice of our jams in many great hotels, restaurants and grocers


You don’t know how to choose among our ranges?
Contact one of our experts in your market: he will give you precious advice.


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