What consumer trends will your jam brand face in 2021?

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January 2020

As you know, managing a jam brand requires you to meet two types of consumer expectations: to offer excellent classics and at the same time to differentiate yourself from other brands with original jam recipes.

In addition to these 2 basic creative precepts, you must add the strong signals given by consumers on their expectations of brands and products.

So do you know the major consumption trends identified by food specialists for 2021?

Do you know how they may impact your jam range?

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What are the major food consumption trends identified by food specialists for 2021?

Since mid 2020, studies and analyses have been published on the new purchasing paths and major consumption trends. LSA, M.A.D.E. (food industry contract manufacturing exhibition), SIAL, the Hotel and Restaurant trade and other newspapers and sites dedicated to the food industry, have highlighted the priority consumer trends linked to the strong expectations of consumers around the world.

Here are the 5 trends that motivate purchasing actions, summarized by Kantar in the TNS France study published every 2 years before each SIAL:

  • pleasure (50%)
  • Health and nutrition (34%)
  • Convenience and active functionality
  • Shape and slimness
  • Ethics

The various analyses note that the crisis has accelerated these trends and highlighted 3 areas of consumer research:

  • towards the essential: simplicity, understanding, simpler processed products, absence of superfluous packaging, development of plant-based recipes
  • Towards proximity: direct producer or privileged short circuits, co-creation, common values, animal welfare…
  • Towards sober pleasure: without sophistication, simply good, the vegetable becomes pleasure, natural colors and naturalness of the ingredients, conviviality of the product.
Christmas marmalade and jam avent calendar by Andresy Confitures

What can we deduce from these trends and consumption axes for your brand of jam?

Jam naturally meets some of the criteria sought by consumers:

  • a short list of ingredients,
  • with natural and simple materials
  • An easy-to-share and convivial treat
  • without sophistication,
  • without unnecessary packaging
  • easily understandable

That’s certainly why it remains a must for gourmet breakfasts and even for new ways of consumption such as brunches!

A must have for your shops, hotels, e-shops or food brands.

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How to associate your brand of jam with the health-nutrition trend?

When we know that French and European legislation requires a minimum of 55% sugar after cooking (sugar naturally present in fruit + added sugar) to have the right to call its product “jam”, we can wonder how such recipes can meet the so-called “health” expectations of consumers.

Alternatives to the name “jam” exist, which allow less sugars such as :

  • low-fat jams: -30% less sugar than the market leader
  • Fruit preparations: 48% sugars
  • Recipes with sweeteners

An expert in jam like Andrésy Confitures can also offer you new recipes to adapt your brand of jam to this strong trend of “healthy eating”: 

  • for example, recipes that are 100% fruit-based. Delicious and unbeatable nutritionally in the “jams” category!

Ask for more information

  • or combine fruits with superfoods: almond milk, quinoa, goji, aloe vera, matcha tea, etc.

Request information on recipes with superfoods

Coffret Andrésy Origines

How to make your jam brand evolve taking into account strong consumer trends?

Of course, we don’t advise you to change your whole range of jam in 2021 in order to stick to consumer trends!

First of all, your customers are used to your recipes and don’t like sudden changes. Then the management of a total revision of about ten jam references is a huge job and an important issue.

However it is possible to act on the references of animation of your brand of jam and thus to answer certain tendencies and axes of consumption without changing everything:

  • recipe pleasure linked to a strong event, internal to your brand or linked to the environment: commemoration, anniversary, international sporting or cultural event (ideas for the Olympics 2024?)
  • Very user-friendly event recipes linked to consumer highlights: Christmas, “galette des rois”, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.
  • Small ethical range around a special theme: organic ingredients, fruits from renowned regions or origins, without added sugar or rich in fiber, seasonal fruits, etc.
  • Gift sets for impulse purchases that will include recipes that meet the expectations of simple pleasures as well as ethical or nutritional

At Andrésy Confitures we will be able to help you to enrich a defined project thanks to our experience as well as to give you complete advice starting from an idea or a need. You will see that your projects will take shape simply thanks to our expertise in creating jams !

Ask for a study for a handmade jam making to prepare the sales highlights of your brand of jams and be ready for 2021!

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