Importing the new range of Andresy à l’Ancienne artisanal jams: what advantages for your domestic market?

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May 2022


The new range of Andresy à l’Ancienne artisanal jams was unveiled a short time ago!

We told you this year, for the 70th anniversary of Maison Andresy, your expert jam maker has a new look! The range of “Confitures à l’Ancienne” has become “Andrésy à l’Ancienne”.

You can now order it for your grocery stores and fine hotels in France and abroad!
Discover in this article what advantages the new Andresy à l’Ancienne range has for your domestic markets.

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

What are the distinctive features of this new range of artisanal jams that you can put forward, whatever the requirements of your domestic market?



Maison Andresy’s Confitures à l’Ancienne are part of the oldest range of Maison Andresy’s artisanal jams. Their successes have greatly contributed to build our Maison.

But your consumers have evolved since 1952 and their desires with them! Our artisanal jams thus had to evolve to remain the best!

Certain characteristics of quality, they, perdurent, and will never change:
– Our artisanal jams are made in the traditional copper basin, just like the one used by grandparents for their own jams.
– Our fruits are selected with rigorous specifications to guarantee an exceptional taste.
– Unique jams that can be recognized from far thanks to the kraft labels – inherited from the very first packaging of the parcels in 1952 – and the paper cap that covers the jars of the grocery store format.
– Our expertise acquired over 70 years of cooking jams and multiple awards: Maison Andresy, a recognized expert jam maker!

Did you know that?
Maison Andrésy is recognized (among others!) as :
– Living Heritage Company, by the French Ministry of Agriculture, for its know-how and expertise
– Artisan and Producer of quality, by the French Culinary College, for the quality of its recipes

We tell you all about the novelties of this range of high quality artisanal jams in this previous article

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

What assets do Andresy à l’Ancienne artisanal jams have to conquer Europe? 


France is THE country of gastronomy and the French know-how is recognized in the whole world.

Often imitated in Europe, French products are unique and your customers know it!

They strongly appreciate the Made In France and authentic products.

With Maison Andresy you can guarantee them an ancestral know-how (since 1952) and authenticity. Indeed, it is the grandfather of our current CEO Bruno Cassan who used to make artisanal jams in his little village of Achères, then the father of our director moved the jam factory to the next village Andrésy (hence our name!) And finally to Maurecourt, in the Paris region. These 3 villages are located in a small area of the Ile de France region, formerly known for its orchards. 

In addition to our know-how of French jam manufacturer, we are experts of your European markets, very attached to certain tastes in jams.
As you know, your customers like strawberry, orange, blueberry, cherry jams…
So obviously, in the new range of artisanal jams Andresy à l’Ancienne, you will still be able to find these traditional tastes!

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

What advantages do Andresy à l’Ancienne artisanal jams have to conquer the United States? 

Our customers on the other side of the ocean are curious and enjoy challenges. They like to find new tastes, new packaging, new flavors in the mouth.


You can easily surprise them with the “so Frenchy” side of our Maison Andresy packaging and our varied offer of flavors.


Thanks to Andresy à l’Ancienne, you will be able to offer traditional flavors as described above and also original recipes such as: almond with orange, melon and orange jam, strawberry and clementine jam, black cherry with thyme, fig, mirabelle plum…
For the love of the challenge, your American customers could well be tempted!


As for the jar of Andresy à l’Ancienne jams? It is still as unique as ever:
– in grocery store format: a kraft paper cap crowns the jar to remind the tradition and the French know-how
– our individual formats are made of kraft paper, lightened and put in the current taste of your consumers
The jars are immediately recognizable. The French Touch!


You wish to launch yourselves thanks to our artisanal jams Maison Andresy on markets which are not evoked above? Contact our experts to benefit from personalized expert advice according to your project.
Contact an expert !

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