How to import French and artisanal jams for your hotels and grocery stores abroad?

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March 2022


Managers of large international hotels, you wish to offer French and artisanal products for your breakfast? This is the opportunity to import French jams made by Maison Andrésy!

Maison Andrésy’s high quality jams will charm your international customers (and even your French customers!) with their taste, their different design and packaging… They will also charm you.

Discover in this article why importing these French jams from Maison Andrésy will be an asset for your international hotel or grocery store. 

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Why importing Maison Andrésy’s French jams assures you a French excellence?



Maison Andrésy is based in Maurecourt (78), France, since 1988 but we have been making jam since 1952!

Our company has seen a succession of gourmet jam makers for 3 generations already to provide you with excellent jams!

In 70 years, the know-how and the experience became strong assets of our House. And this is felt as much in our jams as in our range of accompaniments!

This French mastery of the jam is reflected in :
– The choice of recipes for jams and side dishes (condiments, confits, sweet spreads) ! Importing French products from Maison Andrésy means importing the famous Dijon mustard in a special format for your hotel buffets as well as citrus jam, which is a very French recipe!
– The selection of our fruits, essential to the jam, for an optimal jamming! The color, the variety, the maturity, the size even, of each fruit, is reviewed at the entrance in our Maison. This is the best guarantee for a perfect French jam!
– Cooking is the crucial step where the sugar and the fruit are mixed together to be gently steamed in an authentic copper basin. This tradition has become a necessity for each of our jams and highlights a typically French know-how.

Importing our French artisanal jams guarantees you a typically French ancestral know-how.


histoire andresy bassine cuivre

How the import of our French jams is appreciated by all your customers ?


Your most demanding customers will be surprised by the excellent taste of our top-of-the-range jams thanks to our perpetual research of the French excellence!

Our French jams will seduce your foreign customers and will encourage them to return to your hotel or grocery store more often!
The trip abroad is also a trip for your taste buds!
And the trip is guaranteed thanks to our most original jams (melon and orange, mango and kiwi… ) !

Of course, all the French tourists who stay in your hotels or who stop in your grocery store, will be more than delighted to see Made In France products! A way for them to take a little piece of France with them!


Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

How is importing our French jams synonymous with the reliability of Maison Andrésy? 


Maison Andrésy makes it a point of honor to satisfy you as much as possible. 

The lessons learned over the last two years have made us even more adaptable than before. Very reactive, our sales teams will advise you throughout the development of your project and accompany you from the bassin to your tables and stalls! 


If your market is specific and you have questions about the integration of jams in your breakfasts, make an appointment with our experts! We are here to listen to you!


Also benefit from a wide range of possibilities to order our sweet and savory recipes:

– With a specific e-mail for export: 
– By phone: +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55
– By the KIMAYO application, whose operating guide is available here.

We adapt to your hotel or your grocery store as well as to your time difference!

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