How the covid-19 health crisis impact on the breakfast buffet in a hotel ? The comeback of individual jam in mini jars!

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June 2020

Why COVID-19 health crisis has made individual jam essential for your hotel’s breakfast buffet or room-service ?

The COVID-19 health crisis has had serious consequences for hotels, guesthouses and all of their partners. Tourists around the world have been confined and deprived of their usual business or leisure trips. While some countries in Asia and the Americas keep their borders closed, Europe is gradually reopening its doors.

It is therefore urgent for the French hotel partners to resume their activities and help establishments reassure their customers! In particular, the catering offer of establishments must be adapted to current health conditions.

More than ever, customer satisfaction is the main concern of French quality hotels. What if individual jams in mini jars were given pride of place at the breakfast buffet ?

Why an individual jam at the hotel breakfast to reassure?

At the breakfast buffet or in room service, individual jam in mini jars has many advantages.

The benefits for the customer are very concrete and immediately visible for their greater satisfaction:

  • the hygiene guaranteed by the individual jar : the jam is protected and stored optimally, without any manipulation to prepare it and only the customer who opens his jar for his sandwich plunges his spoon into it
  • the preserved quality of the jam : tastes, smells and textures are preserved
  • the choice : thanks to the individual format you can offer a wide variety of jam flavors on the room service tray or on the breakfast buffet
  • respect for its ecological values : the glass of the mini jam jar is infinitely recyclable

What advantages for a hotel in referencing an individual jam in mini jars ?

For the hotel too, the advantages of offering an individual jam rather than a large package are numerous and directly observed :

  • A quality offer : the individual jam in glass jars guarantees optimum quality unlike the large jars open at the breakfast buffet which are touched and touched up, oxidized
  • The variety of perfumes : thanks to its mini format, the individual jam in a glass jar allows you to offer a wide variety of perfumes to the same customer
  • A unique service : mini jars of jams are available as room service as buffet, seminar service or “take away”
  • No concern for expiration : the best before date for individual jams is several years, as long as the jar remains closed
  • no costly waste : only the pots consumed are to be replaced
Sauce Barbecue Andrésy Confitures

Why choose Andrésy Confitures individual jam for your breakfast buffet or your room service ?

Did you know that Andrésy Confitures has been recognized as a Living Heritage Company since 2012 for its respect for the French gastronomic tradition?

The Yvelines jam maker is also one of the producers and craftsmen of quality recognized by the chefs of the Culinary College of France.

And yet, you will be surprised by the accessibility of its individual jams !

If craftsmanship remains more expensive than mass consumption, the Les Confitures à l’Ancienne brand is a very accessible high-end product. It offers you all the quality of cooking fruit selected for their taste, in copper cauldron and sugar cane.

For a few cents per jar, you can choose from a range of more than 20 individual extra jams, with more than 50% fruit used, and cooked in accordance with French tradition since 1952

You can complete your individual jam offer with honeys, maple syrup, spread and even compotes or condiments, all always in individual mini jar sizes and with the same elegant labeling.

Each perfume is represented by a drawing on the top of the jar : understandable by all your customers regardless of their language.

Each jar of individual jams, honey, spread or condiment includes a tamper-evident tab to ensure that no one has opened the mini jar.

Best before dates range from 5 months to 2 years depending on recipes.

The brand’s individual jams are available in small quantities by partnerships with providers in every area, fluid and practical to adapt to your needs, very important with the reduced visibility of occupancy rates in these times of crisis!

If you also want to offer the best of individual jam to your customers at the room service or the breakfast buffet of your hotel or guesthouse, contact us!

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