Liven up your holiday sales with a custom-made jam Advent Calendar or specialities of confits, cheese recipes, seasonal fruits: trust your jam maker’s expertise in custom-made jams!

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September 2021

The end of year celebrations are great opportunities to treat yourself. Consumers are fond of limited edition gourmet treats and do not hesitate to try new recipes. Who doesn’t take advantage of these opportunities to discover new products or to make gifts to their loved ones?

Whether you are a retailer, a hotelier or a product manager for a high-end brand, the end of the year festivities are the perfect opportunity to respond to your customers’ original desires and needs.

Discover the expertise and ideas that Andrésy Confitures puts at your service to realize your custom-made projects for the end of the year!

expertise fruits | Fabricant de Confitures

Do you know all the customized expertise that Andrésy Confitures offers to your projects?

Andrésy Confitures is known and recognized for its work of customized confiturier. The mastery and the expertise of the R&D, the experiences acquired since 1952 in the service of great chefs and beautiful brands, allow to offer a range of solutions to any type of request and to answer the desires of everyone. 

Depending on your needs, we can be inspired by a theme, a range from another market or even more surprising ideas!

If Andrésy Confitures is really an expert of the tailor-made, it is because we allow you to personalize all the parameters of your jam, preserve, compote, gift box or Advent Calendar.

We adapt and customize :

  • the recipe, of course: sourcing of ingredients and development of your recipe by our R&D
  • the formats: more than 15 different sizes and shapes of jars and all the lids that go with them 
  • the packaging: shape, size, colors, patterns…we work with your marketing department and use our experience to make your project a success

In addition to the customization, we bring you a quality advice for :

  • the development of the most suitable recipe: for your needs, for your market or for an instant of consumption
  • compliance with French legislation or the country of destination of your products
  • complementary quality suppliers: glassmakers, printers, cardboard manufacturers, etc.

Whether it is for your holiday creations or for another project, Andrésy Confitures’ expertise in custom-made products will be an undeniable asset to satisfy your customers.

Cuisson en Bassine de Cuivron Andrésy Confitures
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Jam Advent Calendar: animate your sales at Christmas with an inescapable festive offer

The Advent Calendar has become a must-have holiday purchase for anyone with children – or a child’s soul!

Did you know that Andrésy Confitures can offer you a jam Advent Calendar?

To learn more about the jam Advent Calendar, read our blog article

Thus, don’t miss this opportunity to surprise your customers this year, or get a head start for next year. A jam to discover every morning, it’s a great convivial opportunity to wait for the holidays with your family!

The customization options of the packaging or jams are to be discussed with your dedicated expert: contact us.

Confits and recipes for cheeses: a gourmet offer for the end of the year

To liven up your sales you can also offer your customers special recipes for holiday dishes.

You need confits for your catering offers in hotels, brasseries, caterers or your brand in stores?

We can create with you Christmas confits such as : 

  • fruit or vegetable confits: fig confits, onion confits for the most classic ones, or original confits with spices, herbs, dried fruits, etc.
  • Wine or alcohol confits: cider, beer or famous wines can be made into confits to accompany party appetizers or cheese platters

The end of the year celebrations are also the occasion to eat beautiful cheese platters. Have you thought about creating a recipe for cheese?

Whether you are a cheese shop, a restaurant or a grocery store, your customers will certainly appreciate a fig with walnuts, a cherry with Espelette pepper or any other recipe that we will create with you for them.

In order to know all the recipes we have in our catalog or to ask for an original creation, contact us.

Seasonal fruit jam recipes: creative one-shots

Need to animate your sales with a special Christmas one-shot or a fall recipe?

Thanks to its expertise, our R&D department can offer you reliable fruit sourcing and other seasonal ingredients:

  • Autumn fruits such as apples, pears, chestnuts, citrus fruits
  • Gourmet dried fruits such as hazelnuts, nuts, etc.
  • Spices and herbs

You can draw from our recipe book or ask us for a specific and dedicated creation: we love challenges!

Entrust your needs to one of our experts: a knowledgeable referent to carry out your project or help you create the ideal recipe to satisfy your customers.

Contact an expert

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