Made in France for the summer season: the pleasure of French delicacies and the guarantee of excellence thanks to your artisanal jam producer!

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July 2021

We are all delighted to see the start of the summer season, in your shops, restaurants, hotels and all your quality accommodation establishments!

It is now a question for you to leave an imperishable memory to your customers and for us to accompany you in this need for quality, reactivity and simplicity!

This month of July, we have decided to offer you our know-how as an artisanal jam manufacturer, with efficiency and simplicity: the pleasure of French delicacies and the guarantee of excellence!

Offer your customers the products of your French artisanal jam producer: a guarantee of taste, quality and the seriousness of made in France!

What does it mean today “to be a producer of artisanal jam” and what does it bring to your customers?

For Andrésy Confitures, this means 

respect for traditional gestures and tools: guarantees of the quality of our jams. It is a great pride for us to be labelled as a Living Heritage Company: recognition of our active participation in maintaining the French culinary heritage. 

impeccable sourcing of our ingredients because as our great French chefs say: no good cooking without good ingredients! Our membership of the “Artisans et Producteurs de Qualité du Collège Culinaire de France” proves it every year!

The use of modern means of production and food safety: did you know that our production line for individual pots guarantees performance and quality? And that our workshop is IFS FOOD certified every year?

Would you like to know more? Read our article on the combination of tradition and modernity and discover all our know-how as an artisanal jam producer!

Quality, hygiene, eco-responsibility: what are the advantages of jams in individual jars for your hotel or B&B breakfasts?

Today, choosing jams in individual jars is still relevant for breakfasts in quality hotels or guest houses.

We can tell you a secret: did you know that it was Andrésy Confitures that introduced the individual jar in hotels in the 1980s?

Read the story of the arrival of the individual jar in the hotel industry

So what are the advantages of the artisanal jam in individual jars for your customers?

  • quality: each jam is perfectly preserved until it is opened by your customer
  • safety and hygiene: the tamper-evident tab guarantees single use
  • variety of flavours: the small quantity of the individual jar is designed for 1 or even 2 slices of bread, your customer can choose the jam recipe he likes and even change it from one slice to another
  • the adaptability to sweet or savoury desires: you can offer jams, honeys, condiments, compotes… for all types of breakfasts
  • the elegance of a single brand for all your needs: room service, table service or buffet service
  • reduction of food waste: the individual pot remains consumable as long as it is not opened, whereas the large sizes must be thrown away at the end of the service for hygiene reasons, whether they have been consumed or not!
  • eco-responsibility: did you know that glass can be recycled ad infinitum? Moreover, it can be sorted and collected easily.

So many reasons to adopt the recipes of your artisanal jam producer in individual jars for your room service, your table service or your breakfast buffet!

For the summer season: order with ease thanks to the application of your artisanal jam producer!

Conquered by the recipes of your artisanal jam manufacturer made in France? Do you want them right away?

Andrésy Confitures has developed an online ordering service to make your life easier!

Thanks to our online ordering service, you benefit from :

All the recipes can be ordered directly from the Prestige Andrésy Origines brand or from the Gastronomie Les Confitures à l’Ancienne brand

An instant order: no validation by return mail, no delay due to summer holidays

An order without intermediaries: you place the order directly, with no possible errors

    Excellence of jams made in france through the association of craftsmanship and industry at Andrésy Confitures

    Do you want to order straight away? 

    Andrésy Origines is available in a few clicks via online ordering

    Would you like to receive advice from one of our experts or find out more about your artisanal jam manufacturer?

    We will answer you by phone or e-mail: always ready to listen!

    To contact an expert in your market Click here 

    To call us: +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55

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