Jam manufacturers

Andresy Confitures is one of the leading jam manufacturers in the market. Our technical expertise, combined with our tailor-made products and solutions makes us the go-to company for hotels and businesses who want to create their own products.


Jam productions 

Our jam production dates back to 1952. Since our inception, we have been able to collaborate with some of the best culinary experts in France. When you partner with us for jam productions, our experts will assist you from the conceptualisation phase of your jam product right through to commercialisation of your product.


Jam maker 

As a jam maker with decades of experience in the industry, we know that each country, client and target market is difference. It is for this reason that we offer customised product development. We train your staff to create their own jams, help you adapt the recipes for your needs, and make sure you have everything from production and packaging to marketing and distribution in your market.

Jam company 

Whether you are looking to start working with a jam company or simply want to add a few product lines to your bouquet of products, there are a number of things to consider. Sourcing the right ingredients and navigating the legislative requirements, for example, are only some of the processes that we can guide you through.


Jam making process 

Whether you are making a single container of jam or an entire product line, the jam making process is relatively straightforward. Fruits are processed and cooked with cane sugar until the recipes is ready and the jam is then packed into jars and labellized. What sets our jam making process apart from others is how we carefully go about selecting fruits, fine-tuning recipes, and respecting the traditional know-how and cooking methods that go hand-in-hand with creating outstanding jams.

Jam processing 

If you are looking for insights into the jam processing sector, then Andresy Confitures is the company you need. We can help you with everything from navigating how fruits can be cooked, whether adapting French gastronomic recipes to your market and local laws and getting your product to market. Contact us for more information today.

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