Animate your sales of jam brands for the 2022 celebrations thanks to Maison Andrésy’s know-how by personalizing your jams!

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December 2021

2022 is fast approaching. But is your jam brand ready for all the occasions and holidays of the new year?

Some shopkeepers, hoteliers and restaurant owners have started preparing for Candlemas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and even next year’s Christmas! As soon as the 2021 one is over, we’re back at it!

Discover in this article how to prepare your brand of jams also to satisfy your customers. 

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Why animate the sales of your jam brand for the different celebrations of 2022?


Your jam brand delivers jams all year long for all the delicacies that the French gastronomy has developed. But have you thought of making special, original and excellent jams for special occasions throughout the year? You have for example jams in special 1kg format for Candlemas, special Easter editions with very decorated labels and much more!

Each holiday is an opportunity for your brand of jams to mark the minds of your consumers. Each occasion has its own consumption rituals! Your customers don’t eat the same thing at Christmas and Easter after all.

So liven up your jam sales this year with original recipes, in different formats or with new labels. Want to know more about original and natural recipes? Discover them in this article!

In addition, the novelties in your jams attract customers and make them more loyal because they show that you are adaptable and that you care about your products! Important values in your jam brand for your consumers!


Mini cherry jam and Espelette pepper by Andrésy Confitures
Etiquettes de pots de confiture

Why customize your brand jams for a special occasion?


One could say to yourself why take the time and the care to personalize a jam if it is only to sell it on a short period?

But knowing that certain jams are only available at a certain time of the year will definitely make you sell more of them because if your customers like them, they will want a lot right away! They won’t want to run out all year long. And they will also be very eager for you to make them again the following year! Customers might come back every year at the same time of the year for that particular jam your jam brand would make.

A new product, a limited edition or a new packaging… These are products that are highly valued by your customers and thanks to word-of-mouth, you could have a massive influx of new customers in your stores and grocery stores! And Maison Andrésy will be there to replenish your supplies in case of stock shortage due to success.



How can you personalize your brand jams thanks to the know-how of Maison Andrésy?


Maison Andrésy’s expertise in making your original jam project a reality comes into play on several levels :

  • You can choose, first, the format in which you want to distribute your jam : a jar of jams in individual, medium or large format ; a box ; an advent calendar…
  • Also, you can choose original labels to accentuate the new and original character of your recipe.
  • Last but not least, you can modify the recipes as you wish! You want a mixture of fruits, a spice with a fruit, a compote, a jam with honey, an organic recipe… you will have with Maison Andrésy, your artisanal jam maker since 1952.

You have a very specific idea for a special recipe for an occasion or just a desire for originality?

Contact our experts to see the feasibility of your production project for your brand of jam!

You can also call us: +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55. We are listening to you !

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