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Mai 2020

Nowadays the consumers are used to find indications of certifications on their food products: bio, labels, prices or rewards, guaranteed origins, etc

Some certifications are reserved for specific dietary habits or cultures: vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher, etc.

Did you know that these certifications specific to cultures, sometimes religions, require very particular controls and audits?

For the artisanal jams also, these certifications exist. They are very regulated and allow you to access additional markets.

Kosher for example, is very appreciated in Israel and also in some countries of the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

What are the realities behind the certification of kosher food and what advantages can you find in offering certified kosher jam?

Kosher food: preconceived ideas and real definition ?

Kosher, kosher or kosher? The use of these spelling variations of this transcription of Hebrew is hesitant. However, this does not detract from the meaning of the real definition of what can be declared “kosher” – we will use this writing.

Kosher qualifies what is in conformity with the ritual prescriptions of Judaism concerning food and its preparation methods.

The Hebrew word means “fit” or “acceptable”. The laws of kosherout define the foods that are fit to be eaten by a person of Jewish faith (Source Larousse)

Today, beyond the spiritual aspect, eating kosher food can be a way of life.

Indeed, kosher food is more and more appreciated, and it is a market with very good international prospects (especially in the USA and Israel).

In Israel, more than 50% of the population regularly consumes kosher products. The majority of supermarkets and small shops require kosher certification for the products they sell. As a result, there are few non-certified products on the market.

Another market with great potential is the American market.  Did you know that it is known as the leading producer and exporter of kosher products? Americans consider that certification can lead them to choose or not a product. For the population, because of the strict production rules, buying and eating kosher is synonymous with quality and a guarantee of healthy food.

Fruits certified kosher ultra orthodox by Andrésy Confitures

How did you manage to get our jam lines certified kosher ?

In order to certify our range of kosher jams, a rabbi expert in the food sector visited our production workshop. He verified if the products used for the manufacture of jams were indeed certified kosher ingredients, then followed all the manufacture of our jams in order to certify it in conformity with the requirements of the kosher food.

The certification at Andrésy Confitures took place in 2 steps:

  • declarative files which indicate the ingredients used, obtaining the kosher certificates for the ingredients and the suppliers
  • an audit on the production site, in the presence of the examining rabbi

Focus on raw materials: what commitments for the kosher certification of our jam ranges?

At Andrésy Confitures we are proud to have been able to certify kosher the majority of our jam recipes!

Here is what is immediately available for your orders:

We hope that our condiments will also be soon!

Ask for the exact list of kosher jam recipes available in stock

Fruits certified kosher ultra orthodox by Andrésy Confitures

Why add the kosher certification to the usual export expertises of Andrésy Confitures ?

We had already asked ourselves the question to make enter our ranges on the market USA 2 years ago because the kosher is a pledge of quality in North America. We had decided to discard this idea because the kosher certification represents an important financial cost.

This year, thanks to our different expertise in export, we naturally responded to the request of a customer from Israel who wanted kosher certified jam recipes. We took up this major challenge in one of the most important kosher food markets!

The benefits for our partners:

  • Development of your activity on new international markets
  • Access to demanding and qualitative markets
  • Immediate availability of kosher certified recipes: no need to modify our labels because the kosher certificate is enough!
  • Supporting quality and export departments, trained in international legal and customs requirements

You want to develop your activity on the kosher food markets?

Order our jams, honey and maple syrup certified kosher and available immediately!

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