Discover how the expertise of Andrésy Confitures makes it possible to answer very pointed customer needs on the international level: the adventure of the ultra orthodox kosher certification!

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March 2020

Since 1952, Andrésy Confitures has made the custom-made customer an expertise pushed to the excellence! Working to meet the needs and expectations of its customers is a true heritage for our French family business.

We have developed a wide range of expertise, from sourcing ingredients, to recipe creation, to artisanal cooking skills, to industrial performance.

For French and international brands, we have become a reference in contract work for those seeking excellence in ingredient sourcing, recipe creation and cooking.

Can you imagine how well we meet your challenges?

Discover the adventure of the ultra-orthodox kosher certification of Andrésy Confitures!

Jam certified kosher ultra orthodox by Andrésy Confitures

Why specifically turn to Andrésy Confitures for kosher jam making?

In 2020, after having made multiple researches with manufacturers of all countries, a company of Israel contacts us via our online form, for a very particular request of custom-made manufacture.

This company needed kosher certified products for their Israeli market, with a high level of certification called “ultra orthodox”. It is important to keep in mind that this certification is the most complicated to implement in the kosher food regulations.

It requires extensive certification, validation of each of the ingredients used and a whole specific production process!

In addition to this unavoidable prerequisite of certification, the request was for a whole range, with different volumes of jars per fruit.

A major challenge for our jam factory, certified HACCP, IFS FOOD, ORGANIC, LIVING HERITAGE, CULINARY COLLEGE OF FRANCE… but not yet kosher!

Fruits certified kosher ultra orthodox by Andrésy Confitures

How does an ultra orthodox kosher food certification work?

First of all it is necessary to contact rabbis, authorized to deliver the certification.

The Israeli company indicated us its network of rabbis, and Andrésy Confitures chose to work with rabbis of Lyon to realize this certification.

The certification kosher food ultra orthodox takes place in 3 times:

  • Study of the declarative files which indicate the ingredients used. Each producer, cooperative and supplier of ingredients is audited. The suppliers’ products are accompanied by a kosher certificate.
  • An audit on the production site, in the presence of the examining rabbi who examines each stage of the production of jams
  • A consultation between the examining rabbi and the chief rabbi, to validate the admissibility of the application and declare the certification.

After the validation of the candidature, the kosher certification is granted to us during 1 year. Each year an audit must be repeated.

Surprise during the study of the ingredients: the strawberry is generally not validated by the ultra orthodox kosher certificate, suspected of not meeting the strict criteria of validation. It will certainly have to do without!

Beware: once the certification is obtained, the work does not stop there because the production has then a very specific protocol to respect each time!

Jam certified kosher ultra orthodox by Andrésy Confitures

How does the production of ultra orthodox certified kosher jams take place?

The examination of the ingredients’ files and the audit of the production site are not enough! Each production is checked in person by the examining rabbi.

With each production of kosher jams ultra orthodox, here are which commitments Andrésy Confitures will have to guarantee:

  • Presence of the examining rabbi throughout the manufacture
  • A 48h deadline between the last traditional production and the beginning of the ultra orthodox production
  • A meticulous cleaning of the lines before the beginning of the production
  • The validation of the conformity of the ingredients used in relation to the accepted declaration

Of course, these guarantees imply additional production costs for us as well as for the customer who requires this certification and the ambition to generate enough sales to be able to manufacture a whole day!

What advantages does Andrésy Confitures’ private label expertise offer you for your projects?

For this project of kosher certification as for all the projects, to address to a true expert is always a gain!

At Andrésy Confitures, everything can be worked in custom-made and personalized:

  • fruit sourcing
  • Recipes for jams, compotes, spreads
  • Jar formats and cap colors
  • Packagings with one or more labels, in French or in the language of your country or target market
  • Production and delivery conditions

Our heritage of custom expertise is a real asset for your projects. It allows you to :

  • Benefit from sound advice: from the beginning to the realization of your project, on strategic or gustative alternatives, the answers to your market’s expectations
  • Avoid costly mistakes: since 1952, we have been sourcing, developing recipes and a wide range of products for hotels, retailers and importers, and we have acquired useful and relevant experience
  • Save time: our teams are experts used to the very specific management of custom-made products, they understand your needs and expectations and know how to find solutions
  • It is this culture of adaptability that allowed us to meet the needs of the Israeli company in search of a manufacturer of certified kosher ultra-orthodox jams.

Maybe you don’t need this ultra orthodox kosher certification, but another adaptation to succeed in your project. You have a particular need related to the specificities of your markets?

Entrust us with your project, we take up the challenge!

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