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October 2018

Breakfast is a significant challenge in the hotel business and many 4 and 5-star and luxury establishments in France and internationally rely on Andrésy to secure customer loyalty. The quality and breadth of its range and the flawless service it delivers mean that the French manufacturer is the leading jam brand for the high-end hotel market.

Some 91% of business customers eat a hotel breakfast, except when it is too expensive or of indifferent quality (source: Coach Omnium)). For hoteliers, breakfast is therefore an area in which creativity is required to encourage customer uptake.

Breakfast is a pleasant, emotionally evocative experience, when a customer who is far from home can enjoy familiar tastes and discover new and memorable flavours.

Andrésy, the historic partner of high-end hotels

Andrésy, a family business established in 1952, very quickly became aware that it could fulfil the requirements of the luxury hotel market.

Gérard Cassan, managing director of Andrésy in 1970, replaced the large self-service jars of jam on breakfast buffets with his own invention – little 28g jars with a tamper-proof paper seal. This convenient and elegant container, featuring labels designed by a painter, played a role in raising hygiene standards and reducing wastage in the hotel industry.

Andrésy had to adapt its manufacturing techniques to suit these small jars by slicing each variety of fruit in a different way.

Andrésy’s long pedigree means that it has had time to familiarise itself with this discerning clientele, win it over, and secure its loyalty, thus giving it the competitive edge over newer entrants to the luxury hotel market.

«The very finest hotels place their trust in Andrésy Confitures.»

A sole supplier for a complete breakfast range

Andrésy can satisfy all breakfast requirements with its honeys, maple syrups, jams, compotes, spreads and condiments. Hotels can order individual servings for the dining room or room service, and larger volumes for buffets.

Andrésy works with selected partners to supplement its range with natural fruit juices from Jean-Louis Bissardon, traditional chocolate created by an artisan chocolatier and premium organic Terramoka coffee.
What could be more convenient than working with a single trusted supplier? Hotels can save valuable time by streamlining the purchasing process. There are never any unpleasant surprises with Andrésy: quality is flawless, delivery schedules are met worldwide, and every client benefits from a personalised service.

Two special jam brands for the luxury hotel market

Andrésy Origines is one of the three ranges in the Andrésy Prestige collection. It contains fruit selected for extra jams and contains 56% sugar, the French legal minimum for this type of product.

With its distinctive flavour and modern, innovative design, Andrésy Origines is highly prized by the finest hotels in France and internationally.

Confitures à l’ancienne (Traditional jam). To develop these traditional jams, Andrésy delved into its twenty-year old recipe archive. This collection comprises a variety of jams, honeys, compotes, preserves and chocolates. Les Confitures à l’ancienne appeal to customers who appreciate French tradition and gastronomy symbolised by the brown paper labels.

Andrésy, the leading hotel jam brand

Hotels can select from (or adapt) over 60 recipes. But that is not all. Andrésy updated its organic range in 2018, adding new varieties in large and small jars for chefs with a commitment to well-being.

Listening to clients, staying abreast of trends, and launching innovative initiatives are strengths, which make Andrésy the leading jam brand for the luxury hotel market.

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